Police Officer (Non-Certified)

Margate, FL
Margate Police Department

Salary: $51,000.

Closing Date: September 30, 2024.

Position Summary:

Under general supervision of a police supervisor, performs a wide variety of police and law enforcement activities, Tasks are primarily service oriented and include dispensing information, arbitrating disputes, providing assistance through referrals, property protection, crime prevention, investigative, and other public safety, order maintenance and emergency response services. Duties include an element of personal danger, exposure to adverse weather conditions, apprehending criminals, directing traffic, and transporting prisoners. Incumbents perform duties in accordance with Florida State Statues, City Codes and established departmental policies, procedures, and guidelines. The incumbent must be able to act without close supervision and must be able to exercise sound independent judgment. Work is reviewed through observation, conferences and review of written reports for results obtained and adherence to established policies and procedures. May be authorized to assume the duties of a Supervisor in their absence. Performs related work as required.

Essential Functions:

  • Conducts routine preventive and proactive patrol in designated residential and business areas, and initiates contacts with both business operators and residents to establish open communications within the community.
  • Responds to calls for police service and takes action upon observing a circumstance or situation requiring police attention, i.e, responds to in progress and delayed crime scenes, domestic disputes and disturbances, disputes among neighbors, businesses and customers, juveniles, and gang incidents.
  • Provides information and/or assistance to the public by answering a wide range of non-police related service calls, informing citizens of available services in the community, and providing referrals to other city, county, and state agencies when applicable.
  • Maintains the peace and safety of the community by quelling public disturbances and maintaining civil obedience at group functions.
  • Provides for the safe and convenient flow of traffic and pedestrians within the community, investigates traffic accidents, enforces traffic violations, promotes vehicular and pedestrian safety, reports unsafe road conditions, and conducts DUI investigations.
  • Conducts criminal and non-criminal investigations, initial investigation into numerous crimes (robbery, burglary, assaults, etc.), conducts investigations concerning civil disturbances/matters (land-lord/tenant, failure to pay, child custody, etc.) conducts follow-up investigations of crimes and other incidents, conducts surveillance of areas for suspected or potential criminal activity. Gathers and maintains intelligence with regard to criminal activity through the use of civilian contacts and other methods.
  • Enforces laws and arrests lawbreakers for both felonies and misdemeanors, City Ordinance Violations, and issues Notices to Appear, issues traffic citations, and prepares written reports, forms, and other documents as required.
  • Testifies in civil and criminal court proceedings as well as other related activities.
  • Provides a variety of specialized services when properly trained and so assigned, i.e, K-9, Special Response Term (SRT), Special Enforcement Team (SET) Motorcycle Officer, Detective, School Resource Officer (SRO), Crime Prevention.


  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Pass psychological screening, pass physical evaluation, pass Computer Voice Stress Analysis (C.V.S.A.) truth verification test, pass written, oral and physical agility testing, pass background investigation.
  • Meet any additional current state training requirements necessary to obtain and maintain State of Florida law enforcement officer certification, successful completion of 18 month probationary period.
  • Must successfully complete all applicable Civil Service requirements.
  • Candidates must meet all other minimum law enforcement officer employment certification requirements specified in Florida Statute 943.13, including but not limited to no convictions for felony or misdemeanor crimes or derogatory moral turpitude issues as specified by statute or administrative code.