Police Officer Entry Level

Manchester, CT
Manchester Police Department

Starting salary $64,048.57


Makes investigations of violations of laws and ordinances. Maintains order and protects life and property.


Responds to calls. Perform searches of persons, vehicles, and various types of premises. Drive motor vehicles under emergency and non-emergency circumstances. May administer first aid, patrol assigned area. Identify, warn, arrest or cite offenders for traffic, non-traffic, and parking offenses. Transport prisoners. Assist elderly, disabled, or stranded motorists. Check condition/status of assigned patrol equipment. Investigate traffic accidents and aid the injured. Collect physical evidence from accident scenes. Enforce traffic and parking laws and ordinances. Administer sobriety tests, arrange for blood/urine samples, operate breathalyzer. Control, regulate, direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Identify/apprehend offenders, advise persons of constitutional rights. Seize contraband, conduct frisks, handcuff, fingerprint suspects or prisoners. Use deadly force when necessary. Pursue suspect in vehicle. Investigate crime scenes, accidents, crimes against persons and property. Search premises, suspicious persons or vehicles. Diagram crime, accident scenes. Locate witnesses; interrogate suspects. Investigate complaints.


Must possess an Associate’s Degree, 60 college credits or two years of full-time active military service with an honorable discharge or continued service in the reserve force. Must possess a valid Connecticut motor vehicle operator’s license. Must meet the eligibility requirements of the Municipal Police Training Council.