Lateral Entry Police Officer

Carbondale, IL
Carbondale Police Department

Position Summary:

The Patrol Officer is a uniform position and is sworn to enforce all laws and ordinances for which the Department is responsible; to protect the lives and property of all persons; and to maintain peace and order within the City of Carbondale. The Patrol Officer must frequently act without direct supervision and must exercise independent discretion in meeting emergencies. The Patrol Officer’s work involves an element of personal danger and is subject to assignment to shifts and types of duty according to the needs of the Department. The Patrol Officer is routinely assigned to uniform patrol, but may be assigned to the Investigations Bureau, or any other assignment authorized by the Chief of Police. The Patrol Officer is ordinarily under the direct supervision of the Shift Supervisor; however, may receive direction from any superior officer.

Essential Functions:

  • Reports at the specified time and place, wearing the uniform of the day, with all equipment necessary to sustain themselves until the completion of the tour of duty.
  • Maintains equipment, uniforms in a neat and orderly fashion, and is properly groomed in compliance with Department policy.
  • Records and shares necessary and pertinent information at shift meetings. Inspects and maintains assigned police vehicle.
  • Responds promptly and safely to assigned calls (i.e., accident investigations, criminal investigations, miscellaneous service calls, etc.).
  • Conducts checks of assigned areas for unusual or hazardous conditions and takes appropriate action when such conditions are found.
  • Conducts periodic premise checks of businesses and residences within the assigned area. Investigates all suspicious persons, places, or things coming to their attention.
  • Responds to on-view situations, which require police action as if assigned.
  • Prepares and promptly submits written reports as a result of investigations or assignments. Conducts criminal and traffic preventive patrol during unassigned time.
  • Assists other officers with investigations or acts as a back-up officer.
  • Pursues, apprehends, and assists with the prosecution of persons who violate federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.
  • Processes and transports prisoners. Secures equipment when relieved of duty.
  • Maintains substantive knowledge of pertinent city, state, and federal laws and ordinances.
  • Maintains substantive knowledge of and adheres to all Department policies and procedures. Testifies in court at each stage of the judicial process, as required.
  • Attends all required training and qualifies with firearms.
  • Works with the community and is responsive to the needs of citizens.
  • Remains vigilant regarding potential hazards or problems, which could harm the public. Patrol Officers assigned as the Patrol Investigator will work under the direct supervision of the Investigations Sergeant and perform the duties of an investigator.
  • Patrol Officers assigned as the Patrol Investigator will work under the direct supervision of the Investigations Sergeant and perform the duties of an investigator.


  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • At least 21 years of age.
  • 2 or more years of post-probationary status as a police officer in the United States.
  • In good standing with current department and/or left previous department(s) in good standing.
  • Must have substantially equivalent skills and abilities as a City of Carbondale post-probationary officer, as determined by the Chief of Police.
  • No felony conviction. NOTE: Some convictions for misdemeanors or serious traffic offenses may also disqualify applicants from further consideration.
  • Proof of a valid driver’s license.
  • Must successfully complete an oral interview and background investigation.
  • Must successfully complete a medical examination and psychological tests.
  • Must sign a 36 month (3year) Pre-Employment Agreement.