Communications Operator (Dispatcher)

Navasota, TX
Navasota Police Department

Position Summary:

Ensures smooth operation of day-to-day telecommunication functions for the police, fire departments, and EMS.

Essential Functions:

  • Receives and records incoming calls on both the telephone and two-way radio (including animal control and 9-1-1 calls), evaluates calls, and directs calls to appropriate staff, officers, and/or agencies;
  • Monitors radio frequencies of law enforcement, fire, wrecker, and ambulance personnel;
  • Dispatches appropriate units for emergencies;
  • Dispatches animal control;
  • Performs computer-assisted and manual record checks for officers on individuals, locations, vehicles and other property, sometimes verifying warrants, suspended or expired license, or reports of stolen property with the originating agency;
  • Maintains, updates, and accesses various logs and computer data files of officer activities (incident reports, accident reports, stolen or repossessed property logs, maps, shift logs, etc.) and performs data entry of officer activities for logs and records;
  • Monitors burglary and fire alarms, and notifies property owners and police as necessary;
  • Completes forms and reports either on the computer or typewriter;
  • Operates recording equipment for 9-1 -1 and telephone calls;
  • Assists local and out-of-state deaf persons using a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD);
  • Enters information into Texas and National Crime Information computer systems, and validates information against printed reports;
  • Files departmental records;
  • Performs trace on 9-1 -1 hang-up calls;
  • Alerts state and federal agencies of stolen vehicles and property, missing persons, etc., using a teletype machine;
  • Prints computerized forms for officers as necessary;
  • Provides directions to citizens;
  • Maintains files on repossessed automobiles;
  • Maintains on-call status and works overtime as necessary.


  • High school diploma or its equivalent (GED), graduation from a state-approved telecommunicator course with a current valid TCOLE license, or the ability to obtain a TCOLE license;
  • Not have been convicted, placed on probation, or ordered community supervision by a court of a class B misdemeanor or higher in the last ten years;
  • Not have been convicted of family violence;
  • Not ever have been convicted of an offense Class A Misdemeanor or above;
  • Have not been discharged from any branch of military service for less than honorable conditions.
  • Telecommunications Operator Certification from the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement (TCOLE) within one year of employment.
  • Appropriate Texas driver’s license.