Entry Level Police Officer

Auburn, WA
Auburn Police Department
Salary: $69,632.41-$88,053.36 Annually

This position is responsible for general police work involving the protection of life and property, enforcement of laws and ordinances, maintenance of order, and prevention and investigation of crimes. Work is performed according to departmental regulations and procedures and duty assignments. The work normally consists of performing duties within a designated area on an assigned shift, routine patrol, traffic regulations, crime prevention, and investigations on motorcycles, bicycle, other conveyance for which training has been received, or on foot.

Work involves a substantial element of personal danger and employees must be able to act without direct supervision and exercise independent discretion in emergencies. All assignments in this class involve responsibility for recognizing the social importance of police functions, for tactful and courteous treatment of the public, and for conscientious and efficient performance of duties under little direct supervision. Employees may be assigned to work on special assignments, which call upon specialized ability and knowledge usually attained through experience as a uniformed Police Officer. Assignments and general and special instructions are received from superior officers who review work by personal inspection, checking reports, and general appraisal of the effectiveness of the employee and the entire police service.

$69,632.41 – $88,053.36 Annually


Primary Duties
*Responds to emergency and routine calls for service.

*Performs computer inquiries from the patrol vehicle and stationary terminals.

*Thoroughly and clearly documents incidents and actions by writing reports, field interview cards, and daily logs.

*Patrols assigned areas; patrols business districts and residential neighborhoods to provide an element of safety through obvious visibility; looks for crimes or potential crimes in progress; prevents crimes as necessary.

*Acts as a primary investigator of all crimes occurring with assigned areas; makes arrests when warranted; may use varying degrees of physical force to overcome resisting suspects and to protect oneself and/or others from injury.

*Pursues fleeing suspects on foot and in vehicles; performs rescue and pursuit operations, which may involve quickly entering and exiting patrol vehicles; climbing over and pulling oneself up and over obstacles; jumping down from elevated obstacles; climbing through openings; jumping; and using physical force to gain entry through barriers.

*Takes immediate action to remedy hazards and protect life and property; must be able to physically hear conversations, instructions, and common warnings; must have adequate vision to effectively perform police functions, even during the evening and in times of low light.

*Investigates and/or handles complaints including, but not limited to, family disputes, juvenile disputes, and mentally-challenged persons; provides basic first aid and resuscitation to injured people.

*Must be prepared and capable of physical exertion to protect themselves and provide immediate life-saving measures to others.

*Stops traffic violators and takes appropriate action; identifies suspicious individuals and questions their activities; apprehends violators and offenders of the law, sometimes involving a substantial element of danger.


Minimum Qualifications
Since this position works within a Washington state law enforcement agency, applicants must successfully pass a comprehensive pre-employment background check process, including a polygraph exam, psychological evaluation, credit check, and a medical physical, including a drug-screening test.
• Possess a high school diploma, or equivalent.
• United States citizen or lawful permanent resident
• Be at least 20-1/2 years of age at the time of application and must be 21 years of age by date of hire
• Be able to fluently read and write the English language using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
• Be able to meet all Civil Service Rules and Regulations, including the physical requirements listed in Rule 21.01
• Possess a valid driver's license
• Qualify quarterly for firearms; CPR certification annually; BAC verifier certification
• Must be able to qualify for Access Certification
• Successful completion of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission's basic law enforcement academy, or equivalent academy, within a timeframe required by state law