Entry Level Police Officer

Smithville, MO
Smithville Police Department

Salary: $43,573.

Closing Date: Oct 1, 2024.

Essential Functions:

  • Performs preventive patrol and actively enforces laws, statutes and ordinances.
  • Identifies potential and actual police hazards and determines an appropriate response or enforcement activity.
  • Provides emergency assistance to injured.
  • Protects accident and/or crime scene to ensure evidence control.
  • Directs and controls traffic to ensure safe and efficient movement of vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Conducts traffic enforcement activities to reduce accidents and discourage unlawful driving behavior.
  • Conducts preliminary investigations of suspects and/or criminal activities/persons.
  • The position regularly requires the handling of confidential or sensitive information and also requires periods of physical effort and constant periods of mental effort.
  • Responds to routine, urgent and emergency calls for service.
  • Establishes and maintains an effective working relationship with the general public; with other Department employees on a constant basis; and with other City employees on an occasional basis.


  • Must be a natural-born or naturalized citizen of the United States.
  • High School Diploma/GED.
  • 21 years old at time of appointment.
  • Ability to patrol, respond, assess, repress and prevent criminal activities, investigate offenses, apprehend offenders and furnish and determine appropriate day-to-day enforcement.
  • Ability to safely, effectively and appropriately use lethal and nonlethal weapons.
  • A working knowledge of the court system, and the ability to testify effectively in a court of law.
  • Work involves some risk to personal safety and may involve increased exposure to communicable diseases.
  • Must be able to work days, evenings, nights as well as holidays and weekends.
  • Must be able to work a rotating shift.
  • It is preferable to possess a Basic Law Enforcement Certification from an accredited law enforcement academy in the State of Missouri, or the ability to satisfy the State of Missouri Peace Officers Standards to obtain the certification. Sponsoring for the academy is available for qualified applicants.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States, and a citizen of the State of Missouri at the time of appointment.
  • Must possess a high School diploma or GED.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must be available to work irregular hours and maintain a telephone for emergency contact.
  • Must have a Motor Vehicle Operators License valid in the State of Missouri or the ability to obtain one
  • Must have dependable transportation.
  • Must be able to pass an extensive background investigation and drug screen.
  • Must reside within a reasonable response time to the City Limits of Smithville.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with work colleagues and the general public.