Corrections Officer

Lebanon, TN
Wilson County Sheriff's Office

Salary: $19.56 per hour.

Essential Functions:

  1. The Correctional Officer, under the direction of the above ranking officers shall receive new prisoners, book out prisoners, oversee security, issue inmates supplies, assign temporary housing, and handle property control.
  2. The Correctional Officer shall be a back up to other officers.
  3. The Correctional Officer shall assist as needed in the facility.
  4. The Correctional Officer shall be responsible for providing regular visual observation and supervision of prisoners and activities, while taking whatever steps necessary to prevent prisoner misbehavior, avoid disorder, and respond quickly to emergency situations.
  5. The Correctional Officer has the most direct and continuous interaction with prisoners and must develop the interpersonal skills required to adequately communicate with the prisoners.
  6. The Correctional Officer must be people oriented, taking in to mind prisoner needs and rights, exercise a non-judicial attitude toward them, and respect them as human beings.
  7. The Correctional Officer must attend Tennessee Corrections Institute and receive certification within one year.


  • High School.
  • Social Security card and Photo ID are required to process application. Submit as an attachment.