Police Officer I

San Diego, CA
San Diego Unified School District

Salary: $6,083.01 – $8,148.53 Monthly.

Position Summary:

A Police Officer I protects life and property in assigned geographic areas of the school district in a marked, caged, radio-equipped school police vehicle and provides protective school police services and back up activities in assigned geographic areas of the district.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrol roads, buildings, and grounds in a marked, caged, radio-equipped school police vehicle to provide protection against vandalism, burglary, arson, trespass, and theft. E
  • Wear a standard issue school police uniform including protective vest and carry standard police equipment. E
  • Make arrests as required by law, transport juveniles/adults to appropriate facility, and attend court hearings and trials as required. E
  • Assist probation officers and others involved with juvenile offenders rehabilitation program. E
  • Respond to emergency situations on district sites and property. E
  • Provide back-up school police protection for police officers, detectives, and non-sworn community services officers. E
  • Conduct investigations into criminal acts occurring on district property including bus transportation. E
  • Make recommendations regarding security matters. E
  • Prepare written reports to be submitted to prosecuting agencies and/or appropriate district offices for possible suspension or expulsion. E
  • Counsel juvenile offenders and advise parents. E
  • Conduct investigations of crimes against persons and property; identify type of crime and collect, preserve, and impound physical evidence. E
  • Counsel juvenile offenders, initiate in-school diversion programs in lieu of or in conjunction with the arrest of a juvenile offender, as appropriate. E
  • Prepare cases to obtain restitution for damage to or theft of district property. E
  • Maintain orderly control of large crowds and enforces safety regulations when assigned to special school or district events. E
  • Participate in programs related to law enforcement and safety education. E
  • Provide positive role-modeling for district pupils and give classroom talks regarding youth and the law. E
  • Enforce parking regulations on district property. E
  • Walk-test schools and central offices to ensure intrusion systems are working properly. E
  • Assist and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies. E
  • Respond to alarms and calls for assistance after hours, on weekends, and holidays. E
  • Utilize an assigned district vehicle for the purpose of attending training, district-sanctioned events, or responding to call-backs and call-outs for after-hours service, from a district approved parking location. E
  • Participate in state-mandated and position related training as needed to maintain competency for the position. E
  • Perform related duties as assigned.


  • Possession of a valid California POST Basic Academy Certificate / POST Academy waiver is required prior to offer of employment.
  • Possession of a valid California driver’s license.
  • United States citizenship.
  • Prior to appointment, State law requires the successful passing of a thorough background check, including polygraph, chemical substance and medical testing, and psychological testing.
  • Must be qualified to render basic first aid and CPR.