Police Officer

Saint Joseph, MO
St. Joseph Police Department

Salary: $26.26/hr ($50,470.00/yr).

Position Summary:
Enforces federal, state and local laws, statutes and ordinances. Protects the lives and property of citizens. Assists in the investigation on various cases. No supervisory or budgetary responsibilities.

Essential Functions:

  • Answers calls and engages in preventative routine patrols and warrant service arrest and search.
  • Performs traffic law enforcement and traffic accident investigation.
  • Reads and writes various reports. Enters reports into computer and performs filing when necessary.
  • Appears and testifies in federal, state and municipal court.
  • Locates and interviews witnesses, victims and suspects. Collects evidence.
  • Checks suspicious persons, and completes field interview cards.
  • Conducts preliminary investigations and interviews.
  • Collects, preserves and books evidence.
  • Provides information and assistance to the general public.


  • Skills in report writing, oral communications, firearms handling, operation of a motor vehicle and speed measuring devices.
  • Knowledge of interrogating and interviewing procedures and identifying suspects.
  • Knowledge of federal, state and local laws, ordinances and departmental policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of criminal, constitutional and traffic laws.
  • Knowledge of City geography, criminal activities and criminals.
  • Ability to make decisions of a serious nature and perform duties under varying degrees of physical and mental stress.
  • Ability to understand and empathize with the public. Skills in dealing with people and resolving conflicts.
  • Some familiarity with operation of computers.
  • Valid driver’s license required.
  • Must be POST- certified in order to perform law enforcement duties or able to obtain POST-certification after appointment prior to performing law enforcement duties. No previous experience required for an entry level position.
  • Newly appointed officers are required to complete the field training program with a training officer prior to independently performing a full range of police duties.
  • Semi-annual firearms qualifications required.
  • Must be able to pass a City-specified physical agility, medical, psychological, and written exam, and a pre-employment drug screening.