Police Officer Hiring Process – The Polygraph Exam

Polygraph ExamMost law enforcement agencies require a polygraph exam as part of their hiring process.

Who is the Polygraph given to?

Usually, the polygraph is provided to candidates who have advanced in the selection process and are being considered for hiring.

How does the Polygraph work?

You sit down to take the polygraph and you’ll be fitted with a blood pressure cuff. There will be a strap around your chest and there’ll be monitors on your fingers. The finger monitors measure how much you perspire as a result of the stress. The blood pressure cuff keeps track of your blood pressure.

When the exam starts the cuff will fill up with air and create a tight gap around your arm. The cuff is measuring your heart beats per minute. As you get more nervous the blood pressure cuff will communicate greater beats per minute. There is a strap that goes around your chest and a set of tubes. It is placed over your chest because it measures how much air you are breathing.

Police Psychological Exam