Police Officer Hiring Process – Cover Letter and Resume

One of the keys to getting a great job in law enforcement is having a great cover letter and resume, why? – Because the selection process is very competitive and being able to write well is a key element.

The selection committee needs to start narrowing down the pool of applicants as soon as possible and the cover letter and resume are one of the first things the selection committee sees about you.

Being able to communicate well in writing is a key element for the law enforcement job selection process, so the committee wants to know – DO YOU WRITE WELL?

How to they determine this? Your cover letter and resume!

If your cover letter and resume are not up to par, end of story!

You could be the greatest applicant ever to apply. However, without a great cover letter and resume it doesn’t matter because you will not have a chance to prove yourself.

Law Enforcement jobs require good writing skills. With any law enforcement job you will be writing reports, interviews, notes. Some of what you write will be used in court.

The police academy will teach you what you need to learn about being a law enforcement officer. However, there isn’t time to teach you how to write. That is why one of the key elements in the selection process is that someone can write well. Just like having good math skills and being able to speak well.

So, someone who cannot write a good cover letter and resume is probably not right for the job.