Police Officer Hiring Process – Application Packet

The job announcement will contain information about how to apply. It is vital that the applicant follows all of the instructions. Failure to do so will remove the applicant from consideration.

Police Job ApplicationThe applicant should read the job announcement regarding what documents are required to be submitted. There may be an official application form, certain documents may be required to be turned in along with the application including school transcripts, certifications if required, military discharge papers if claiming veterans points.

All required paperwork and documents must be turned in by the deadline listed, not exceptions will be made. Double check all paperwork prior to turning it in. Remember, this is your first test regarding can you follow instructions.

If you have any questions about the application packet, call a recruiter or someone from human resources, they are there to help you. Keep a copy of all documents that you turn in. They will be beneficial to you again later in the process.