Police Explorer Programs

What is Law Enforcement Exploring?

Law Enforcement Exploring is the preeminent career orientation and experience program for young people contemplating a career in the field of criminal justice. Its mission is to offer young adults, ages 14-21, interested in a career in law enforcement a personal awareness of the criminal justice system through training, practical experiences and other activities.

Law Enforcement Explorer Posts are sponsored by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Law Enforcement Exploring is endorsed by numerous professional organizations, to include the International Chiefs of Police Association (IACP) and the National Sheriffs Association (NSA). Law Enforcement Exploring is a well-established and highly respected program that has served as a platform from which countless young adults have launched a successful career with local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

What is the difference between Police Explorers, Police Cadets, Police Reserves and Auxiliary?

While the following descriptions generally apply, programs may vary greatly from department to department. These difference may include the ages for participation as well as the role and functions of participants.

Law Enforcement Exploring

is a program designed to give insight into law enforcements careers for young men and women aged 14 – 20 through hands-on activities. Exploring is a volunteer program.

Police Cadets

is a law enforcement apprenticeship program designed to provide persons aged 18 to 21 a chance to experience the challenges and rewards of a police career. Often cadets are paid and work part or full time. Cadet programs are designed to assist cadets in transitioning into the position of full time police officer.

Police Reserve Officers

are volunteers that have extensive training and perform a variety of police functions and often have arrest authority and are armed. Age requirements are often the same as those for police officer.

Police Auxiliary

are volunteers who, depending upon the department, may perform a role similar to that of Reserve Officers, or may perform non-enforcement and non-hazardous duties. Age requirements may vary.

Featured Police Explorer Posts

Cleveland Metropolitan School District Police Post 1111

Cleveland, Ohio

cleveland police postAbout 6 months ago Officer Lowe/ Cleveland Metropolitan School District police Department started this post 16 young adults, giving them a chance to be the junior face of law enforcement in the city. We have attended state and national competitions and loom forward to changing these children lives.

Coffeyville Police Explorers Post 2104

Coffeyville, Kansas

Coffeyville Police ExplorersThe purpose of the Explorers Post 2104 cadet program is to allow youths to participate in our goals and at the same time become familiar with police procedures.

It is not the purpose of the program to utilize youths as regular or reserve officers and to expose them to the potential dangerous elements we face in our day-to-day operations. The role of a cadet is to be more of an observer of than a participant in police work.

Albany County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post 043

Clarksville, New York

Albany County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post 043Explorer Post 043, affiliated with the Office of the Albany County Sheriff, has been in existence since 2012. The post is part of the Boy Scouts of America Twin Rivers Council under the Learning for Life Division. The Post opens many doors for its participants and guides them to a challenging but rewarding career in Law Enforcement. Regularly scheduled meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday’s of each month with department members who address the group on the various facets of a career in Law Enforcement. (Presentations include specialized fields such as: Crime Scene Investigations, Canine Unit, Domestic Violence Response, Haz Mat and Search and Rescue training)

A limited Job shadow program gives the Explorer firsthand knowledge of a Deputy Sheriff’s duties by letting the Explorer ride in a patrol vehicle during a regular shift.

Baldwin Park School Police Department Explorer Post 26

Baldwin, CA

Baldwin Park School Police Department Explorer Post 26The Baldwin Park School Police Department Explorer Post consists of young men and women, between the ages of 14-20, who are interested in learning about the career of Law Enforcement.

Ocala Police Department/Explorer Post 962

Ocala, FL

Ocala Post 962The Ocala Police Department is entering their 51st year as an active Explorer Post. Many past and current Police Officers received their start with our Post. Explorers that successfully graduate our program are recommended for sponsorship into the local Police Academy. Police Chief Greg Graham has been very supportive of the program and continues to hire our Explorers once they enter the Academy. Post 962 conducts Explorer Bootcamps twice a year and invites other local police and sheriff agencies to participate. The Boot Camp is an intensive program much like a Army Bootcamp but geared towards police topics. At the end of the camp the Explorer Post compete against each other in several different law enforcement topics.

Connecticut State Police Troop B Cadet/Explorer Post 1903

Canaan, Connecticut

Connecticut State Police Troop B Cadet/Explorer Post 1903Troop B Post 1903’s cadet program offers teenagers, age 14-21 years old or in 9th grade, who are interested in law enforcement an avenue to begin honing their Law Enforcement skills at an early age. Post 1903 was incorporated in the 80’s with the focus of teaching discipline, instilling honor, creating a friendly completive relationship, and forming a general sense of wellbeing in cadets who participate. The post meets for bimonthly training at the Troop B Barracks and offer specialty training opportunity throughout the year. Their training covers basic policing fundamentals, to advanced skills, and everything in between. Even with one of the smaller posts in Connecticut, Troop B has established themselves as a professional and dedicated program with members who are in top form in every event they attend. It is free to join so please check them out and let us know if you would like to come to an introductory meeting.

Oro Valley Police Explorer Post 2011

Oro Valley, AZ

Oro Valley Police Explorer Post 2011Law Enforcement Exploring provides educational training programs for young adults on the purposes, mission, and objectives of law enforcement. The program provides career orientation experiences, leadership opportunities, and community service activities. The primary goals of the program are to help young adults choose a career path within law enforcement and to challenge them to become responsible citizens of their communities and the nation.
Most people don’t start learning their jobs until the day they start to work while Explorers are starting now. By the time an Explorers is ready to begin their career, they already understand the job they are seeking.
The Explorer Program is a branch of the Boy Scouts of America. Police in your neighborhood have teamed up with the Boy Scouts to bring Exploring to all interested people.

Danvers Post 120

Danvers, MA

Danvers Post 120Our purpose at Post 120 is to allow young adults between the ages of 14 and 21 to receive experience and exposure to different types of law enforcement careers. The explorers of Post 120 receive training in various classroom and controlled scenario settings. The Explorer Post allows the members to experience a hands-on view of many different aspects of law enforcement through working at Endicott Park, Danvers Family Festival, D.A.R.E. Car Show, and much more!

Mesa Police Explorer Post 2055

Mesa, AZ

Mesa Police Explorer Post 2055Mesa Police Explorers is for young adults between the ages of 14-20 years of age. They currently have approximately 30 active members and meet every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Public Safety Training Facility. Their post is active doing ride alongs, participating in fund raising, charity events, police competitions, and regular training.

Sanford Police Explorer Post 516

Sanford, FL

Sanford Police Explorer Post 516Sanford Police Explorers meet once a week. Every other week is P.T. Our Explorers work many events throughout the city. They’ve just recently graduated from our Explorer Academy at S.C.C. They train in Defensive Tactics, Scenario based incidents, etc. Most of the Explorers go on ride along on weekends and get a feel for what real police work is about. They are taught how to complete an incident and traffic reports and are happy to assist the officers with their reports during their ride-along. Right now we have 21 members with a Captain, 2 Lieutenants, 2 Sergeants, and 2 Corporals.

Greenfield Police Explorers Post 306

Greenfield, CA

Greenfield Police Explorers Post 306Explorer POST 306 consists of over 15 young people who donate their time to help the local community and who want to learn about careers in law enforcement. They attend the Police Explorer Academy, in San Diego, CA and In-Service training. The raise money by working special events in our area, such as the races at Laguna Seca. The Police Explorers also help with local special events, such as the Day of the Field Worker, 4th of July, Harvest Festival, and more.

Panama City Police Explorers

Panama City, FL

Panama City Police ExplorersThe Panama City Police Explorers started in 1994. The Explorers receive Law Enforcement training tactics, some of which include first aid / CPR, radio communications, patrol techniques, defensive tactics, and firearms. Explorers also assist the police department with civic functions and details as well as ride-a-longs with real police officers. We also have our own SWAT team! The Explorers are issued uniforms and equipment necessary to accomplish their mission. They also go on many field trips, a summer campout, and we travel to compete in Explorer competitions all over the state and country.

Danbury Police Department Explorers

Danbury, CT

Danbury Police Department ExplorersExploring is based on a unique and dynamic relationship between youth and the Danbury Police Department. The Danbury Police Department’s Explorer Program is a leadership development program of various community service based activities that help participating youth pursue their special interests, grow, and develop. Training and educational activities are conducted on a regular basis by trained and certified police officer instructors. With over 40 years of service to the greater Danbury community, our police explorer program has an established record of success in developing tomorrow’s community, business and industry leaders high standards.

Clayton Police Department Explorer Post 2424

Clayton, California

Clayton Police Department Explorer Post 2424The Clayton Police Explorer program works with young men and women who are interested in learning about law enforcement in general and also explore it as a career opportunity. Many Clayton Police Explorers have pursued a career in law enforcement and ended up as officers within the Clayton Police Department and other local police departments. Explorers are encouraged to participate in the department’s ride-a-long program to gain first hand knowledge of street patrol activities. Explorers are also encouraged to assist officers during various Clayton community events such as the Clayton Oktoberfest. Explorer meetings are held twice monthly and cover various law enforcement topics through lectures and hands on activities.

Henrico County Explorers

Henrico County, VA

Henrico County ExplorersHenrico County Explorers meet weekly and learn about topics in law enforcement. They participate in local and out-of-state training conferences, field trips, and participate in the Division of Police Ride-Along Program. Explorers also assist with law enforcement related activities such as traffic direction, parades, community fairs, crime prevention programs and child fingerprinting.

Post 845 Forest Park Police Department

Forest Park, Ohio

Post 845 Forest Park Police DepartmentThe Forest Park Police Explorer program works with youth within our area to develop a better understanding of law enforcement. We recruit young men and women who have a desire to learn about this field and possibly pursue a career. We are always looking for new recruits and welcome anyone to contact us or stop by.

Scarborough Police Explorer Post 883

Scarborough, Maine

Scarborough Police Explorer Post 883The Scarborough Police Explorer Post 883 is well known throughout Maine. Explorers come from the surrounding communities to take part in this program that allows them build self confidence, leadership and everyday skills. Weekly meetings usually include community service, or training with different officers and dispatchers from the department. Officers work closely with us to ensure that we are able to ride-along safely and gain an understanding of what our job will be like as Police Officers. Scarborough Explorers are well known for their discipline and presence at many events across the state. The Post opens many doors for its participants and guides them to a challenging but rewarding career in Law Enforcement

Colorado Springs Police Department Explorer Post 116

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs Police Department Explorer Post 116The Colorado Springs Police Department Explorer post 116 has been serving the community of Colorado Springs, Colorado since 1983. The program allows young teens who live in or near the city of Colorado Springs to become informed and involved in law enforcement, while actively becoming part of their community. This allows teens to further their knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system through training, and to provide an insight into all phases of police work as a possible future profession. It will also help foster a better understanding between the Police Department and the youth of our city.

Minier – Armington Police Department Explorer Post 007

Minier, Illinois

Minier - Armington Police Department Explorer Post 007Police Explorer Post 007 is sponsored by the Minier – Armington Police Department in rural farming country half-way between Peoria and Bloomington. Established 2006 by small group of former Explorers, turned Police Officers, Post 007 is most proud of their often requested Honor Guard. They perform flag and rifle drill ceremonies across Central Illinois at parades, funerals, sporting and special community events, like Relay for Life and C.O.P.S. fund raising activities; sometimes even using flags-men on horseback.

The fourteen members of the cadet-like program take their training very seriously. But, it’s not all work for this special breed of teenagers – the goal of the Explorers is to experience all important aspects of becoming young adults in this Learning For Life program, while having fun doing it…

Phoenix Police Department Explorer Post 2906

Phoenix, AZ

Explorer Post 2906 is sponsored by the Phoenix Police Department as a community-based policing program. This successful program is designed to educate and involve young men and women in police operations and to interest them in law enforcement functions whether they enter the law enforcement field or not.

As an Explorer, young adults have the opportunity to assist the Phoenix Police Department. Explorers can broaden their understanding and firsthand knowledge of the challenges and job skills that make up their community’s police service. In addition to gaining a working knowledge of police work, the participants have the opportunity to give of themselves to their community. Although Post 2906 is law enforcement oriented, Explorers are volunteers and do not serve as police employees, sworn or civilian

Stuart Police Department Explorer Post 878

Stuart, Florida

Stuart Police Department Explorer Post 878The Stuart Police Department has a long tradition of promoting excellence in our area’s youth. Dating back to the mid 1970’s, we have sponsored a police explorer post. The Stuart Police Department’s Law Enforcement Explorer Post offers young men and women who are interested in the field of law enforcement with quality learning and lots of fun-filled, hands-on activities that promote members’ personal growth and development. Even if they are not interested in the field of law enforcement, our program teaches leadership and life skills necessary to succeed in any field.

Chesterfield County Police Department Explorer Post 609

Chesterfield, Virginia

 Chesterfield County Police Department Explorer Post 609The Chesterfield County Police Department has chartered Law Enforcement Explorer Post 609 since 1977. For over 30 years the post has assisted the police department and citizens of Chesterfield County, Virginia. Our post has also won several awards both at the state and national level in law enforcement skills competitions and has also produced a youth chair to the National Law Enforcement Exploring Organization.

Nassau County Police Department Explorers

Nassau, New York

Law Enforcement “Exploring” is here in a big way. Exploring has been in our Department since the early 1970’s when the Seventh Precinct had one of the original posts. Over the years, the Department’s involvement has waxed and waned from a high in 1986-87, when the former Community Projects Bureau had 30 explorers assigned to it, to a low in September of 2004 when we had four Explorers. The Department has refocused its efforts in the area of Exploring and today, through the efforts of the Precinct POP Advisors, the program has grown to over 190 Explorers. That number continues to grow each month.

Milford Explorer Post 29

Milford, Massachusetts

Milford Explorer Post 29The Milford Police Department established the Exploring Law Enforcement Post 29 in January 1997 under the direction of Chief Vincent W. Liberto. The Post is dedicated to the memory of Officer Edwin Gonzalez, Jr. who served the Milford Police Department as a Police Officer during the late 1980’s. He died as result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident in September 1990. The number 29 was Officer Gonzalez’s badge number at the time of his death.

Roseville Explorer Post 108

Roseville, California

Roseville Explorer Post 108Are you looking for a career in Law Enforcement? Join the Roseville Police Department Explorer Troop!

Gastonia Police Explorer Post 515

Gastonia, North Carolina

Gastonia Police Explorer Post 515The Gastonia Police Department Explorer post 515 is part of the Piedmont council boy scouts of America and are members of the North Carolina Law Enforcement Explorer Association. Our explorers do many of the same things other explorer posts do as well as compete in the NCLEEA survival camp competition and attend the Week long Explorer rookie school held at the NC justice academy. At the age of 18 explorers are given the opportunity to ride with patrol officers.

Aurora Police Department Explorer Post

Aurora, Colorado

 Aurora Police Department Explorer PostThe Aurora Police Department Law Enforcement Explorer Post has been serving the Aurora Police Department and citizens of Aurora, Colorado since 1981. The Post offers young men and women the opportunity to explorer a career in law enforcement. Explore the pages of our website to learn more about the program.

Explorer Post 602

St. Joseph, Michigan

The law enforcement Explorer Post 602 is sponsored by the FOP #96 and is hosted through the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department. Explorers meet twice a month and recently attended the National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference in Denver where they scored very high.

Explorer Post 2565

Mt. Clemens, Michigan

Explorer Post 2565Explorer Post 2565, affiliated with the Office of the Macomb County Sheriff, has been in existence since 1978. The post is part of the Boy Scouts of America Clinton Valley Council under the Learning for Life Division. The post was started by Sheriff William Hackel with one advisor and a few high school students who expressed an interest in becoming police officers. The post holds regularly scheduled meetings with officers who address the group on the various facets of a career in Law Enforcement. (Presentations include specialized fields such as: Crime Scene Investigations, Canine Unit, Domestic Violence Response, Accident Investigations, etc.)
A limited Job shadow program gives the Explorer firsthand knowledge of a patrol officer’s duties by letting the Explorer ride in a patrol vehicle or observe in the jail during a regular shift.

Explorer Post 1713

Woodhaven, Michigan

Explorer Post 1713The Woodhaven Police Explorers were formed in 1982 by former Deputy Chief William White. The Explorers are taught various aspects of Police work by Officers of the department at weekly Sunday meetings. The Post also attends the yearly State Competition and Explorer Academy hosted by the Michigan Law Enforcement Youth Advisory Committee (MLEYAC) . Explorers are given the opportunity to tide along with Office on Patrol to learn as much about Police work as possible

The following website tells more about Law Enforcement Exploring

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