St. Louis County Police Department Internships

Choosing where to intern is an important decision for career building. Aside from completing your academic requirement, you should be able to maximize your internship to develop the skills in the field you want to pursue. Interning will help you understand the realities of your field of interest and determine if this is the right path for you. A well-established internship program will set clear expectations. Before putting your feet in the door, it is better if you know the activities and responsibilities the program offers to see if this interests you the most. Having the interest and enthusiasm will best mold you professionally, which will be worth your time and effort.

Lieutenant Mundel of St. Louis County Police Department affirms that someone looking at the internship should definitely be interested in law enforcement. He further states that “It is a great opportunity to see the various operations of a large agency in our community. This is a great example of the diversity of the agency and the opportunities for growth and experience in the various Divisions and units of the Department. Those who have chosen this agency have found that the variety of assignments have developed them into well-rounded, knowledgeable officers who are of great value to the Department and the community.”

St. Louis County Police Department, being the third largest local law enforcement agency in the state, offers a diverse experience through exposure to their different division activities. Take a sneak peak of the below divisions by reading their Career Information page:

  • Division of Patrol
  • Division of Special Operations
  • Division of Criminal Investigation
  • Division of Operational Support

The ideal candidate would be a full-time junior or senior student pursuing a law enforcement degree. A written referral from the your school’s internship coordinator should be submitted to be eligible.

It is always best to be exposed to various policing activities during your internship so as to get a better understanding of the organization and overall delivery of police services. Having the overview of the different units or divisions may have you developed a strong interest in a specialized enforcement unit where you would like to focus when you start your career.