The PELLETB Police Exam

PELLETB Police Exam Questions

California Highway PatrolThe POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery, known as the PELLETB, is widely used by law enforcement agencies throughout California. The test lasts 2-hours and consists of 105 questions. There are three sections to the exam including Reasoning, Reading, and a Writing section.  The largest agencies using the PELLETB include the California Highway Patrol, Anaheim Police Department, San Jose Police Department, and the Sacramento Police Department.

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Reasoning Section

San Jose Police Department 2Applicants are provided with information/data and must determine the pattern or relationship between the data.

Reading Section

Anaheim Police DepartmentReading Comprehension – After reading a passage the applicant answers based upon the content in that passage.

Reading Ability – There is a passage with missing words. The missing words are marks with a specific number of dashes indicating the number of letters contained in the missing word. The applicant must determine the appropriate missing word based upon the context of the sentence and the number of letters in the missing work.

Writing Section

California Highway PatrolClarity – Select which of two sentences is most clearly written.

Vocabulary – Select which definition best define the underlined word in a sentence.

Spelling – Select which of four spelling variations of a word is the correct one.


PELLETB Police Exam Study Guide

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California PELLETB Exam

Agencies using the PELLETB Police Exam

  • Anaheim Police Department
  • Bakersfield Police Department
  • California Highway Patrol (CHP)
  • Chula Vista Police Department
  • Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office
  • El Cerito Police Department
  • Fresno Police Department
  • Glendale CA Police Department
  • Los Altos Police Department
  • Madera Police Department
  • Modesto Police Department
  • Mountain View Police Department
  • Ontario Police Department
  • Pinole Police Department
  • Pomona Police Department
  • Richmond CA Police Department
  • Roseville Police Department
  • Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sacramento Police Department
  • Salinas Police Department
  • San Jose Police Department
  • San Pablo Police Department
  • Santa Ana Police Department
  • Santa Barbara Police Department
  • Santa Monica Police Department
  • Santa Rosa Police Department
  • UCLA Police Department
  • Ventura Police Department
  • West Sacramento Police Department