Florida Basic Abilities Test / Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test

FBAT / CJBAT Test Questions

Fort Lauderdale PDAs of 2019, there is now only one written exam used in the State of Florida and that is the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT).  The FBAT is no longer used. There are 8 sections, each consisting of 15 questions for a total of 120 questions. Applicants are given two-hours and 30-minutes to complete the exam. The sections include; Inductive Reasoning, Written Expression, Information Ordering, Written Comprehension, Deductive Reasoning, Spatial Orientation, Problem Solving, and Memorization. The largest agencies to use the include the Orlando Police Department, Tampa Police Department, Miami Police Department, and the Fort Lauderdale Police Department

Inductive Reasoning Section

Tampa Police DepartmentThis section of the exam tests you ability to combine various elements of information and then form conclusions. This would include figuring out what links of series of events together. This type of reasoning is very beneficial when conducting investigations.

Written Expression Section

Daytona Beach PDThe section tests your ability to write words and sentences so that the information will be clear and easy to understand for the reader. This ability is vital to writing reports and memos.


Information Ordering Section

Miami Police DepartmentThis sections tests you ability to follow a set of rules in a particular order. Law enforcement officers must follow procedures and this section helps test that ability.


Written Comprehension Section

Tampa Police DepartmentLaw enforcement officer must be able to clearly understanding the information they read. This section of the exam tests the ability to understand written words and sentences.


Deductive Reasoning Section

Orlando Police DepartmentThis tests ones ability to apply specific rules to to specific situations. This ability is vital when applying criminal statues to specific situations.


Spatial Orientation Section

Tampa Police DepartmentThis section tests ones ability where you are,and also where an object is in relation to you. This ability is vital when on patrol so that you know where you are, and also when you must respond to a call so that you can determine the most effective path for getting to that location.


Problem Solving Section

Tampa Police DepartmentOne of the most important skills of a law enforcement officer is the ability to problem solve. This can include evaluating a situation to determine if something is wrong, or if a situation is deteriorating. This would be used when on patrol, when responding to an incident, and when talking with citizens and suspects.

Memorization Section

Miami Police DepartmentThe ability for a law enforcement to remember information is vital to their performance of their duties, and well as for their own safety. The information can include, photographs, descriptions, names and vehicle license plates. This section will measure the applicants ability to view a photo, then answer questions based upon the information contained in that photo after the photograph has been removed.



CJBAT Test Study Guide

Miami Police DepartmentIt is important to select a study guide which includes:

• Timed and Un-timed Questions
• Correct and Incorrect Answers Explained
• Large Database of Practice Questions
• Online Support



The Highest Rated and Most Recommended Study Guide is the CJBAT Practice Test & Study Guide


Agencies using the CJBAT Test


• Bonita Springs Police Department
• Brevard County Sheriff’s Office
• Broward County Sheriff’s Office
• Cape Coral Police Department
• Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office
• Clearwater FL Police Department
• Collier County Sheriff’s Office
• Daytona Beach Police Department
• Duval County Sheriff’s Office
• Escambia County Sheriff’s Office
• Flagler County Sheriff’s Office
• Fort Lauderdale Police Department
• Fort Meyers Police Department
• Fort Walton Beach Police Department
• Gainesville Police Department
• Gulfport Police Department
• Hialeah Police Department
• Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
• Hollywood FL Police Department
• Indian Shores Police Department
• Jacksonville Police Department
• Kenneth City Police Department
• Key West Police Department
• Kissimmee Police Department
• Lake County Sheriff’s Office
• Lakeland Police Department
• Largo Police Department
• Lee County FL Sheriff’s Office
• Leon County FL Sheriff’s Office
• Manatee County Sheriff’s Office
• Marion County Sheriff’s Office
• Melbourne Police Department
• Miami Beach Police Department
• Miami Police Department
• Miami-Dade County Police Department
• Miramar Police Department
• North Port Police Department
• Ocala Police Department
• Orange County Sheriff’s Office
• Orlando Police Department
• Osceola Sheriff’s Office
• Palm Bay Police Department
• Pam Beach Sheriff’s Office
• Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
• Pensacola Police Department
• Pinellas County Schools Police Department
• Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
• Pinellas Park Police Department
• Polk County FL Sheriff’s Office
• Port Orange Police Department
• Port St. Lucia Police Department
• Sarasota Couonty Sheriff’s Office
• Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
• St. Lucia Sheriff’s Office
• St. Petersburg Police Department
• Tallahassee Police Department
• Tampa Police Department
• Tarpon Springs Police Department
• Treasure Island FL Police Department
• Volusia County Sheriff’s Office
• Winter Haven Police Department