The Police Written Exam


When applicants go through the competitive hiring process, they will be put on a list in order based upon their test scores.

The agency will then hire in order starting at the top of the list and working their way down.

What makes up the overall ranking score is usually a combination of the written and the oral board interview score.

Each agency is different, with some agencies counting the written and oral scores as 50/50, others are 30/70.

The written exam will test you on basic skills including;

  • Math
  • English
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Memorization

The written exam WILL NOT test your knowledge of police procedures and criminal law.

The skills that are tested with the written are those used on a regular basis by a law enforcement officer.

There isn’t time to teach you those skills in the academy so it is necessary that new hires bring those skills with them.

What is most beneficial for preparing for the written exam is learning some simple yet effective test taking skills.