University Police Officer

Princeton, NJ
Princeton University

Salary: $63,000/year = $30.28/hour.

Essential Functions:

  • As part of an assigned team, University Police Officers provide campus safety, security, and law enforcement services to the University community.
  • The individual provides a wide range of services, including both traditional and non-traditional police services. Officers are required to participate in crime prevention and community-oriented public safety programming.
  • The successful candidate must project a positive image. Individuals enforce University regulations, local ordinances, and state laws.
  • The individual is a first responder to incidents, accidents, and other emergency situations and is responsible for conducting initial and follow-up investigations into significant and criminal incidents.
  • The individual will work under the direction of a sergeant.


  • Candidate must meet the qualifications necessary for New Jersey police licensing.
  • Candidate must meet the physical fitness standards required for police academy admission if not currently licensed or certified.
  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Current valid vehicle operator’s license.
  • Must be able to meet Post Offer Pre-Employment Screening (POPES) requirements and be found capable of performing the essential functions and physical requirements of the position, both before commencing employment and any time required thereafter under University policy.  
  • Must be physically fit and able to defend oneself from attack or physical assault.
  • Must have 20-20 or 20-30 vision either naturally or with corrective lenses.
  • Must be able to wear the required uniform including, but not limited to a protective vest.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Associate or Bachelor’s degree.
  • Current New Jersey Police Officer Certification/License; approval of New Jersey Training Commission for police commission.