University Police Detective

Boston, MA
Northeastern University

Salary: $51.57/hour.

Position Summary:

The Detective is responsible for handling criminal and non-criminal investigations, as well as other duties that may be required by Investigations & Special Operations, at the direction of the Sgt. Detective.

Essential Functions:

1. Conduct investigations which may include reviewing video footage, processing crime scenes, collecting evidence, and conducting in-depth interviews.
2. Evidence processing and fingerprinting services.
3. Provide executive protection services.
4. Participate in plain-clothes services to include undercover operations.
5. Court related proceedings to include processing criminal complaints, filing for protection orders, writing and filing search warrants/subpoenas, handling discovery requirements, and providing testimony.
6. Conduct background investigations.
7. Conduct threat assessments as needed.
8. Collaborate with outside agencies (federal/state/local).
9. Participate in rotating after hours on-call schedule with other team members.
10. Other specialized duties as assigned.


1. POST certified law enforcement officer.
2. At least four years of sworn law enforcement experience.
3. Previous investigative experience.
4. Demonstrated proficiency with investigations and criminal procedures.
5. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
6. Ability to work in a team environment.
7. Ability to work with other units within NUPD as well as outside agencies.
8. Ability to multi-task, adapt, and work in a fast-paced environment.