Transit Police Officer

Atlanta, GA
MARTA Transit Police

Closing Date: June 29th, 2018


Pay starts at $36,670 and tops out at $56,430 for a Sr. Officer

MARTA offers excellent benefits and opportunities for advancement.

MARTA also provides all uniforms and equipment.

MARTA is currently offering a

$3,000 Signing Bonus for Georgia Certified Officers.

 $1,000 Signing Bonus for non-certified personnel.



All candidates must have a High school diploma or equivalent. Candidate must be 21 years of age and a United States citizen. Must possess excellent verbal and written communications skills. The successful candidate must also have one of the following: two or more years of college; one completed term of Honorable Military Service, completion of a Pre-Service Academy, two years as a Certified Corrections Officer, Certified Peace Officer or Jailer. Candidates are hired into the pay structure as follows:

Noncertified candidates will earn entry rate ($17.63) while attending POST academy. Upon POST certification (or if POST certified when hired):

*candidates with a high school education will be paid Step1 pay rate $18.33 per hour
*candidates with two years of college or an Associate’s degree will be paid Step 2 pay rate $19.07 per hour
*candidates with a Bachelor’s degree or higher level of education will be paid Step 3 pay rate $19.83 per hour

*candidates that are GA POST Certified Police Officer with two or more years of Law enforcement experience will receive Senior Officer Pay (up to $27.13 per hour)

MARTA offers excellent benefits and opportunities for advancement.  MARTA also provides all uniforms and equipment.

INTERVIEW SELECTION PROCESS: The selection process may include one or more components to demonstrate applicants’ knowledge, skills and abilities in job related areas. These may include exercises such as practical demonstrations, written communications, oral interviews and/or competency assessments.

Basic Functions

Engages in activities necessary to ensure public safety, law enforcement, security and crime prevention. Some duties are performed under stressful or life-threatening circumstances or require physical restraint of others.


1. Performs patrol activities and related tasks such as vehicle and foot patrols, traffic control, security checks, crowd control and assisting persons in distress (includes providing emergency medical care to ill or injured persons).
2. Carries out apprehension and arrest procedures; issues warnings and citations; investigates accidents, complaints, and incidents; preserves crime scenes and gathers evidence; testifies in court.
3. Operates communications equipment and police vehicles; follows procedures regarding the use of firearms and the use of force; maintains equipment in excellent working order.
4. Prepares and submits accurate police reports; successfully completes all training requirements; conforms to the Police Services Dress Code.
5. Communicates with and offers assistance to the public; answers questions; responds to complaints or problems in tactful and diplomatic manner. Strives to meet MARTA Police Services goals to provide for a customer oriented, safe and secure system.
6. Acquires and demonstrates knowledge of federal regulations, local ordinances, state law, and MARTA Police emergency and safety procedures.


Live your Dream-Join the MARTA Team!!!

The successful candidate will have one of the following:

two or more years of college (60 semester hours/90 quarter hours)

one completed term of Honorable Military Service

two years as a POST Certified Peace Officer, Corrections Officer or Jailer

Completion of a Pre-Service Academy


Applicants must also be at least 21-years-old and are required to pass all tests related to the position, including a Background investigation to include criminal history records check, polygraph examination and credit check.  Must pass physical examination, including drug/alcohol screening and psychological testing.  Must possess a valid drivers’ license.          

Special Requirements


This position has been identified as SAFETY SENSITIVE. Participation in MARTA's Drug & Alcohol Program is a condition of employment. Failure to adhere to MARTA's Drug & Alcohol Program will result in termination.

An official investigation into the applicant's background will be conducted, including a criminal history records check.

Must be able to speak and communicate clearly and perform all aspects of the positions of Police Officer.

A physical examination, including drug/alcohol screen, psychological test, and physical agility test will be required.

Must possess a valid driver's license.