Sworn Police Officer

Highland Village, TX
Highland Village Police Department

Under general supervision, performs a wide variety of police and law enforcement activities. Tasks are service and protection oriented, and include collecting and dispensing information, arbitrating disputes, providing assistance, protecting and recovering property, preventing crime, investigating, and providing other public protection services. Incumbents perform duties in accordance with state statutes and established departmental policies, procedures, and guidelines. Performs related work as required.

$28.78 – $31.66 Hourly


  • Conducts routine patrol in designated areas by vehicle and on foot; establishes open communications and the presence of law enforcement within the community.
  • Responds to calls for police service and takes action upon observing a circumstance or situation requiring police attention.
  • In the instance of responding to medical emergency calls, officers who arrive first at the scene and who are state-certified Emergency Care Attendants (ECAs) are to provide initial basic medical aid and comfort to victims at the scene until a higher level of medical care can be accessed.
  • Interviews witnesses, victims, suspects, and arrested persons to obtain pertinent information concerning accidents/crimes.
  • Responds to burglary and fire alarms, and robbery in progress calls, and performs security checks of buildings and homes.
  • Provides emergency first aid; assists emergency medical and fire personnel as needed.
  • Conducts crime scene investigations, i.e., identifies and collects crucial evidence to be secured for processing; handles evidence in a manner to protect chain of custody.
  • Enforces state and local traffic laws to ensure safety; investigates motor vehicle accidents; protects lives and property at motor vehicle accident scenes.
  • Identifies and issues citations to violators of misdemeanor offenses.
  • Enforces laws and apprehends misdemeanor and felony violators and fugitives; arrests and transports persons found to have committed a criminal act.
  • Testifies in courtroom proceedings.



High school diploma or GED; supplemented by Basic Peace Officer License; CPR training; supplemented by completion of in-service training, as directed, for assignment to other primary functional areas; possession of a valid state driver's license. Must be able to obtain Emergency Care Attendant (ECA) certification within 18 months of hire date, or as reasonable within scheduling constraints per Police Chief approval.

Be at least 21 years of age or older.