Sworn Police Officer

Flint, MI
Mott Community College

Salary: $22.53 or $24.28/hour depending on degree.

Position Summary:
This position is part of a team of employees that work together to help fulfill the mission and goals of the Department of Public Safety (DPS). This team, and the certified/sworn police officer, is responsible for maintaining the peace and security of the campus. The licensed/sworn police officer acts as a liaison with federal, state and local police and fire officials.

Essential Functions:

1. Conducts preliminary and follow-up investigations of crimes; collects and preserves physical evidence.
2. Prepares reports of injury, damage, or theft on/or involving college property, crime reports, incident reports, traffic collision reports, citations, property reports and special reports as assigned.
3. Patrols assigned areas to observe suspicious persons or activities. Stand guard and/or patrol areas to prevent theft, violence, vandalism or infractions of rules. Observes the conduct of persons to detect dangerous or criminal practices or violations of college regulations.
4. Responds as dispatched to calls concerning traffic accidents, crimes, disorder and emergency situations.
5. Pursues and apprehends suspects.
6. Enforces traffic laws; investigates traffic accidents; administers first aid and controls crowds.
7. Prepares written incident and safety reports, detains, searches, and questions suspects.
8. Restrains and removes disorderly persons from premises.
9. Makes arrests and transports prisoners.
10. Prepares cases for prosecution and appears in court as a witness.
11. Processes and serves warrants; serves legal papers such as subpoenas and summons.
12. Collects, preserves, and transports physical evidence.
13. Provides information and general assistance to the public and staff while displaying a positive and professional attitude and demeanor.
14. Acts as liaison with federal, state and local police and fire officials.
15. Participates in training sessions and crime prevention programs.
16. Provides traffic and crowd control at special events and college sponsored activities.
17. Assists in emergency procedures such as locating persons, providing first aid for injuries and minor illnesses, and aides in the evacuation of buildings during emergency situations.
18. All other duties deemed necessary by Public Safety Department Sergeants and administrators.
19. Ability to maintain confidentiality on all information regarding student records, faculty, student communications, personal information and personal matters.


  1. Associate’s Degree or employee must complete Associate’s degree within sixteen (16) consecutive semesters or sessions following his/her effective date of hire (continued employment will be contingent upon successful completion of Associate’s degree).
  2. Graduate of a Police Academy within the past three (3) years and/or possess three (3) years of experience as a licensed /sworn police officer within the past five (5) years.
  3. Must possess current Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) license or be licensable.
  4. Must maintain a valid Michigan driver’s license and have a good driving record for the past five years. A good driving record must be maintained while employed as a Licensed/Sworn Police Officer.
  5. Must maintain State of Michigan mandated firearms qualification.
  6. Knowledge of physical security procedures
  7. Demonstrated experience working collaboratively with staff, students and the public with tact and courtesy. Effective oral and written communication skills.
  8. Must possess excellent customer service skills.
  9. Basic computer knowledge and experience using standard word processing software, such as Microsoft Word and basic use of e-mail systems.
  10. Prior to date of hire, selected candidates will undergo and must successfully pass a drug test, psychological exam, and a thorough background investigation.