Sheriff’s Dispatcher I/II

Sonora, CA
Tuolumne County Sheriff

Salary: $22.64-$27.52 /hr. II: $25.02-$30.41 /hr.

Closing Date: December 29, 2024.

Position Summary:

Under direct or general supervision, receives and evaluates emergency and non-emergency calls; elicits information to determine nature of emergency; dispatches and coordinates law enforcement, medical, fire and other emergency response units in accordance with department procedures; operates various dispatch center equipment; maintains records; performs related work as assigned.

Essential Functions:

  • Receives and evaluates emergency calls; obtains information about the nature of the emergency and
    other required data, assesses urgency and scale, prioritizes calls for service, and determines appropriate
    unit/location/number of personnel or units required.
  • Dispatches law enforcement, medical, fire and other emergency response units in accordance with
    established procedures and policies using a computerized dispatch system, including determining
    priority of emergency and contacting and sending appropriate response unit.
  • Monitors calls and maintains contact after initial dispatch to provide additional coordination, support,
    or information, including accounting for location and status of units and maintaining records of field
    calls; sends back-up units, as necessary, ensuring the safety of field units;.
  • Operates computer, telephone, and radio console and telecommunication equipment simultaneously
    while performing dispatching activities; tests and inspects equipment as assigned.
  • Monitors and controls radio traffic, alerts other agencies, and coordinates mutual response radio traffic.
  • Logs call data including time of dispatch, arrival, clearance, and related information in a written or
    automated format; assigns case numbers.
  • Accesses federal, state, and local law enforcement information databases to obtain information and
    relays such information to units.
  • Enters, updates, and retrieves a variety of records from teletype database and computer systems,
    including warrants, repossessions, towed or stored vehicles, temporary restraining orders, emergency
    protective orders, and other information; locates and abstracts warrants.
  • Acts as a liaison to the public and representatives of other agencies for the department; receives and
    evaluates non-emergency calls; determines the nature of the contact; provides factual information
    regarding services, policies, and procedures, which requires a knowledge of legal guidelines,
    departmental policies and procedures, and the use of tact and discretion, and/or transfers calls to the
    appropriate department, agency, or response organization.
  • Changes dispatch center recording tapes and assists in other monitoring and operator upkeep of
  • Maintains accurate departmental and law enforcement records and files; researches and compiles
    information from such files.
  • Attends necessary training and shift briefing sessions; participates in drills and test scenarios to prepare
    for unexpected emergencies.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • Sheriff’s Dispatcher I/II: Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth (12th) grade.
  • Sheriff’s Dispatcher I: Successful completion of the established Law Enforcement Dispatcher program and
    possession of the Emergency Medical Dispatcher Certificate within the probationary period.
  • Sheriff’s Dispatcher II: Two (2) years of experience as a Law Enforcement Dispatcher and possession of the
    Emergency Medical Dispatcher Certificate or one (1) year of experience as Sheriff’s Dispatcher I with
  • Tuolumne County and possession of the Emergency Medical Dispatcher Certificate.
  • Sheriff’s Dispatcher I: Ability to obtain the Emergency Medical Dispatcher Certificate.
  • Sheriff’s Dispatcher II: Completion of P.O.S.T. Basic Dispatcher course.