Sheriff’s Deputy

Lovington, NM
Lea County Sheriff's Office

Salary: $ 28.00 per hour.

Essential Functions:

  • Regular attendance is an essential function of this position.
  • Performs a wide range of duties in order to maintain a safe environment within Lea County; control criminal activity; enforce various laws and ordinances; protect and serve the public; and preserve individuals’ constitutional rights as provided for under County, State, Tribal, and Federal laws.
  • Duties include but are not limited to patrol of assigned areas; response to calls for assistance, emergency and non-emergency; investigation of reported crimes; reporting of observed or discovered crimes; preparation and correct processing of work-related paperwork; traffic enforcement; crime prevention; and other similar duties falling within the scope of law enforcement.
  • Maintains radio contact in accordance with regulations.
  • Duties may involve routine traffic control in areas not afforded normal police protection.
  • Routine traffic control may involve the apprehension of persons disobedient to traffic laws and regulations.
  • Assists in the operation of check points and road blocks to apprehend escaped or wanted criminals, DWI offenders, unlicensed or otherwise illegal vehicle operators, drug traffickers, etc.
  • May also be called upon to respond to and investigate domestic diffi­culties, highway accidents, and other situations needing immediate attention.
  • Coordinates and cooperates as necessary with other police agencies. This may include special conditions such as interacting with undercover personnel and assisting with investigations of homicide and other felony offenses.
  • Must be able to correctly judge situations and determine the appropriate level of force to be utilized.
  • Prepares various reports in an adequate manner, assur­ing proper details.
  • Transports detained persons to court and to detention centers.
  • Protects or escorts witnesses or victims as assigned. May also be assigned to provide escort services for parades or in the movement of major vehicles or projects over highways where safe passage is required.
  • Delivers summonses and other writs and documents.
  • Maintains updated knowledge of various laws and related changes, making investigations within own authority and communicating information to higher authority, and protect­ing evidence until released.
  • May serve in the area of animal control and disposal, perhaps impounding animals and setting up traps. May be required to euthanize animals.
  • May be required to administer first aid and/or CPR.
  • Must perform all duties with a minimum of supervision.
  • As necessary, off duty personnel may be called in to work, appear as a witness in a court of law, prosecute minor and misdemeanor offenses such as traffic violations and DWI offenses.
  • Shift work on a rotating schedule is required. Employee may also be required to work irregular hours, attend job related meetings and perform other duties.
  • May be assigned temporarily to duty as an investigator or a narcotics specialist.


  • High school diploma or GED required.
  • Some college hours or Associate’s Degree preferred with emphasis in law enforcement.
  • Previous law enforcement experience or reserve training preferred.
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing in English. Bilingual (English/Spanish) helpful.
  • Valid New Mexico driver’s license.
  • Completion of police academy training and law enforcement certification within one year of hire.
  • Ability to qualify and maintain proficiency with firearms both day and night.