Sheriff Deputy – Patrol

Warner Robins, GA
Houston County Sheriff

Salary: $45,15.20 ($21.69 hr) – $48,734.40 ($23.43 hr).

Position Summary:

The purpose of this classification is to perform protective work functions associated with protection of life and property; enforcement of federal, state, and local laws; and duties within an assigned shift or within an assigned specialty which may include the Patrol Division, Traffic Division, Warrant Division, Courthouse Security, School Resource Officer.

Essential Functions:

  • Enforces all applicable codes, ordinances, laws, and regulations (both traffic and criminal) in order to protect life and property, prevent crime, and promote security.
  • Patrols designated areas via motor vehicle or on foot to detect and deter criminal activity and traffic violations.
  • Prevents/discovers commission of crime; apprehends, arrests and processes criminals, fugitives, and offenders; writes citations.
  • Responds to calls relayed by dispatchers, including domestic disputes, assaults, burglaries, traffic accidents, lost or missing persons searches, rescue operations, public service duties, stranded motorists, etc.
  • Conducts preliminary investigations; interviews victims, complainants and witnesses and takes statements; gathers information and evidence; secures crime scenes.
  • Enforces vehicle parking and operating laws; uses radar/laser speed detection units to enforce speed laws.
  • Inspects premises of residential/commercial buildings/properties to detect suspicious conditions.
  • Provides traffic control and police protection for events such as parades, processions, funerals, ball games, school crossings, etc.; provides security/escort services to individuals, businesses, or others as appropriate.
  • Participates in court activities; testifies in judicial proceedings.
  • Serves criminal/civil warrants.
  • Administers first aid and CPR, as necessary.
  • Inspects and maintains assigned patrol vehicle, uniform, weapons, equipment, etc.
  • Transports prisoners, members of the general public, or other individuals as required.
  • May participate as a member of Sheriff’s Response Team (S.R.T.); responds to emergency call for situations involving hostage situations, barricaded persons, high-risk drug raids, riots, missing person searches, escaped prisoner searches, high security activities, and other situations requiring special weapons and tactical team assistance; participates in regular training activities.
  • Provides assistance and backup support to other deputies or other departments as necessary; substitutes for co-workers in their absence; performs flexible unit assignments as needed in emergency response; provides emergency response on a twenty-four-hour basis as needed.
  • Provides assistance to other public service agencies as appropriate (e.g., fire departments, city police departments, state patrol units, emergency medical personnel).
  • Confers with supervisors, staff, deputies, and others as necessary to obtain information or resolve problems; contacts command/supervisory personnel by radio, telephone, pager/beeper, voice mail, etc., for emergency response and critical incident communications.
  • Communicates effectively and coherently over law enforcement radio channels while initiating and responding to radio communications.
  • Creates/maintains positive public relations with the general public; educates the public on laws, law enforcement, crime prevention, drug abuse, etc.
  • Responds to questions, complaints, and requests for information/assistance by telephone or in person from the general public, news media, court personnel, attorneys, inmates, employees, officials, or other persons.
  • Answers the telephone; provides information; takes and relays messages and/or directs calls to appropriate personnel; returns calls, as necessary.
  • Operates a computer to research, review, enter and/or modify information in database.
  • Processes a variety of documentation associated with departmental operations, per established procedures and within designated timeframes; distributes documentation or maintains records as appropriate.
  • Prepares reports, logs, citations, forms, and other documents; maintains files and logs; performs other clerical duties.
  • Receives various documentation; reviews, processes, responds, forwards, maintains, and/or takes other action as appropriate.
  • Maintains current manuals, policies/procedures, bulletins, map books, etc., for reference and/or review.
  • Maintains inventory of departmental supplies, initiates requests for new or replacement materials.
  • Attends shift meetings, training sessions and seminars as required to remain knowledgeable of county/departmental operations, to promote improved job performance, and to stay current with changing policies, procedures, codes, and criminal/civil case law; reads professional literature; maintains professional affiliations.
  • Initiates contact with individuals driving motor vehicles to determine involvement in criminal activity.
  • Performs organized searches of vehicles and buildings to identify and locate illegal contraband.
  • Determines whether sufficient evidence exists to substantiate arrests; makes arrests.
  • Conducts investigations into illegal activities; interviews suspects to identify additional parties involved in the activity
  • Prepares detailed investigate reports and records; reviews investigative information; assists in determining whether cases are ready for prosecution.
  • Works with specialized canine to detect drugs, conduct searches, control suspects, provide crowd control, or provide protection; trains and handles dogs.
  • Assignment to Warrant Division may include performance of the following additional duties:
  • Reviews/examines warrants to ensure completeness and accuracy; performs research functions to identify location of individuals to be served; maintains warrant caseload, GCIC/NCIC files, and “unable to locate” files; organizes/prioritizes work.
  • Serves arrest warrants, civil papers, and other legal documents within the county.
  • Transports suspects/inmates to/from county jail or other locations as required.
  • Performs data entry functions by keying data into computer system; enters/updates data pertaining to status of warrants in computer system.
  • Assignment to Courthouse Security function may include performance of the following additional duties:
  • Provides courtroom security; maintains a security presence in the courtroom to ensure safety of court personnel, to identify/prevent disturbances of court proceedings, and to identify/prevent potential violence or use of weapons.
  • Conducts security checks of courthouse offices, judges’ chambers, parking lots, or other areas of courthouse.
  • Performs electronic and visual security screening of jurors, spectators, or other individuals.
  • Assists detention officers with security/management of inmates in court; secures and detains new prisoners.
  • Assignment to School Resource Officer function may include performance of the following additional duties:
  • Provides counseling to students with behavioral problems; visits students’ homes to talk with students and parents.
  • Acts as a liaison between juveniles and school administration, court officials, juvenile agencies, and other agencies.
  • Participates in various youth-oriented activities (e.g., sports events, club meetings, PTO meetings, etc.).


  • High school diploma or GED required, with successful completion of a basic police training course.
  • One year of experience in law enforcement preferred (previous law enforcement experience may be required for specialized areas of assignment); or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job.
  • Must meet and maintain current requirements set forth in the Georgia Peace Officer’s Standards and Training Act.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid Georgia Driver’s License.