Senior Police Officer

Wyoming, MI
Veterans Health Administration

Salary: $55,113 – $71,646 per year.

Closing Date: 09/30/2024.

Position Summary:

This position will serve as a Senior Police Officer at the Battle Creek VA Medical Center in Battle Creek, Michigan. The Police Officer will perform a full range of police duties by following and executing rules, regulations, or procedures covering law and rules enforcement, physical and personal security operations, patrol duties, control desk duty, coordination with local courts, and/or crime prevention activities for the local jurisdiction.

Essential Functions:

  • Conducts investigations, apprehensions and detentions of individuals suspected or convicted of offenses against the criminal laws of the United States.
  • Protects individuals during any given situation against threats to personal safety when enforcing laws and regulations.
  • Responds immediately to and engages potentially armed individuals during active threat response situations.
  • Responds to highly dangerous and active crimes in progress, making independent decisions and taking immediate steps to preserve life and property.
  • Mitigates opportunities for assault, illegal entry, and theft involving highly protected information, property and/or processes at facilities containing special protective methods.
  • Reacts to neutralize threats, secure resources and mitigate further risk to personnel or property.
  • Provides patrol in vehicles, by foot and/or on a bicycle.
  • Responds to calls for police assistance, irregularities, and unusual or suspicious circumstances.
  • Conducts asset protection during transport.
  • Writes comprehensive incident reports.
  • Provides policing services in various environments where each type of jurisdiction (Exclusive, Concurrent and Proprietorial) has different enforcement rules.
  • Seeks, detects, seizes, and protects evidence and witnesses at the scene of an incident.
  • Detects and intervenes in criminal activity.
  • Enforces traffic rules and regulations, including those related to speeding and reckless operation of vehicles while impaired or intoxicated.
  • Conducts investigative contacts/stops, exercising search and arrest authority, detaining witnesses, and apprehending suspects.
  • Advises individuals of their rights (such as Miranda, Weingarten, Garrity, etc.), and protecting the constitutional and civil rights of persons.
  • Intervenes, when necessary, to deescalate situations and determine when and how much force must be applied.
  • Conducts prisoner transports to holding facilities and courts as required.
  • Executes disaster response and recovery procedures.
  • Provides Basic Life Support (BLS) to injured personnel and coordinates additional emergency response when needed.
  • Coordinates and directs search, rescue, and recovery for persons at high risk (e.g., missing or wandering patients, minors, etc.), including coordinating with local surrounding police departments to expand the search parameters.
  • Investigates incidents and takes steps to mitigate further risk and resolve situations.
  • Performs and provides training on drug and contraband intervention where contraband identification and knowledge is imperative.
  • Intervenes, when needed, to deescalate active suicidal behavior and/or prevents suicides.
  • Prepares case files and testifying in court as it pertains to enforcing laws and regulations.
  • Protects the civil rights of all individuals on VA controlled property;
  • Prevents, detect and investigate crimes;
  • Patrols assigned areas on foot or by motor vehicle;
  • Subdues persons causing disturbance or who threaten harm to themselves or others;
  • Follows rules/procedures concerning search and seizure of evidence and contraband;
  • Takes charge of significant and catastrophic events;
  • Conducts investigations, apprehensions, and detention;
  • Obtains search and arrest warrants;
  • Arrests violators;
  • Uses independent judgment in cases where policy is not clear;
  • Provides basic first aid and CPR prior to arrival of emergency medical personnel;
  • Prepares report of activities and events that occurred during shift;
  • Performs traffic control; and
  • Assists citizens in emergency situations;
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • You must be a U.S. Citizen to apply for this job.
  • All applicants tentatively selected for VA employment in a testing designated position are subject to urinalysis to screen for illegal drug use prior to appointment. Applicants who refuse to be tested will be denied employment with VA.
  • Selective Service Registration is required for males born after 12/31/1959.
  • You may be required to serve a probationary period.
  • Subject to background/security investigation.
  • Selected applicants will be required to complete an online onboarding process.
  • Participation in the seasonal influenza vaccination program is a requirement for all Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care Personnel (HCP).
  • Participation in the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination program is a requirement for all Veterans Health Administration Health Care Personnel (HCP).