School Resource Officer

Evans, GA
Columbia County School District

Position Summary:

Responsible for assisting the school administration and staff in providing a safe and secure environment for students by proactively planning to prevent safety and security problems and by responding immediately to deal with any disruption or criminal activity, and instilling in students respect and understanding of the law through education and example.

Essential Functions:

  • Assist the local school administration by providing a safe and secure environment for students.
  • Provide local school administrators and personnel with the resources to operate a safe and secure school.
  • Provide in-service training to help administrators be better prepared to deal with security-related matters.
  • Act as the liaison/facilitator between the school and local law enforcement agencies.
  • Coordinate the law enforcement efforts of the local jurisdiction relative to schools.
  • Develop a communication network between administration, staff, students, parents, and citizens.
  • Be a positive role model with the intent that the positive experiences students have will bridge the gap between students and law enforcement to prevent crime.
  • Maintain knowledge of procedures for dealing with public agencies that come into the schools to deliver subpoenas, interview students and/or teachers, and arrest individuals.
  • Reduce juvenile delinquency by promoting positive relationships between youth and law enforcement.
  • Take law enforcement action as necessary to protect against unwanted intruders.
  • Assist, in a proactive way, the administration in developing plans for a safe school environment for staff and students.
  • Facilitate the completion of safety and security assessments and plan for improvement as well as emergency plans.
  • Plan and help conduct emergency drills on a routine basis.
  • Be able to set and reset fire alarms whether there is a drill or a real emergency.
  • Advise as to what law enforcement measures are appropriate when an incident is perceived as a violation of the law.
  • Be available for conferences and consultations with students, parents, and staff members to assist with problems of a law enforcement or crime prevention nature.


  • Associate Degree in related field required or related experience.
  • Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Basic Law Enforcement certification, pass a criminal history, psychological, and polygraph test, and valid Georgia driver’s license required.
  • Five years of law enforcement experience required.