School Police Officer

Springfield, MO
Springfield, Missouri Public School District
Salary: $18.16-$24.28

Position Information

Annual Schedule: 9 Months per year

FLSA Status: Non-exempt

Tenure Track: No

Social Security Contribution: Required

Reports to: Field Supervisor, School Police

Salary: School Police 9 Month, Code 91 ($18.16 – $24.28)

Purpose Statement

The Springfield, Missouri Public School District is currently seeking qualified applicants for the position of School Police Officer.

The Springfield School District is Missouri’s largest public school district and has built a reputation of academic excellence based on the outstanding performance of our students and schools. About 25,000 students attend 36 elementary schools, an intermediate school, 9 middle schools, 5 high schools and a variety of alternative education and choice programs.

The School Police Officer provides support to the instructional process with specific responsibilities for the safety and welfare of students during classroom and non-classroom activities; minimizes the frequency and/or severity of harmful incidents; and communicates observations and/or incidents that have a potential impact on the general well being of students, school personnel and/or visitors.


Essential Functions

  • Analyzes activities that may be in violation of school policies and/or an indication of possible criminal activity (e.g.unauthorized visitors, threats against students, possible violations of school policy, etc.) for the purpose of assisting administrators, communicating corresponding information necessary for determining action and/or providing documentation.
  • Assists the administration team for the purpose of researching incidents and investigating law violations.
  • Communicates safety and security policies and enforcement procedures to students, staff and visitors (e.g. classroom presentations, special projects and program, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring their understanding of such information and the potential consequences of violation.
  • Interacts with other school and district personnel, representatives of local law enforcement agencies, visitors, parents, students, etc. for the purpose of providing information and/or taking action regarding investigations, criminal activities, gang activities, vandalism, etc. for the safety and security of the school site.
  • Intervenes in potential conflicts and emergency situations for the purpose of minimizing disruptions of campus activities and/or injury to involved parties.
  • Maintains a variety of files and records (e.g. schedules, investigations, guidelines, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the availability of information for future reference, prosecution and/or audit for compliance to established policies.
  • Monitors student behavior during and between assigned periods, during extra-curricular and other student activities (e.g. classrooms, detention, dances, games, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining a safe and positive learning environment and secure facility.
  • Prepares a variety of documents (e.g. incident reports, activity logs, diagrams, procedures, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference and/or conveying information.
  • Recommends policies, procedures and/or actions to school administration for the purpose of providing information and/or direction for campus security.
  • Refers incidents including personal injuries, altercations, suspicious activities, law violations, etc. to appropriate site personnel, Juvenile office or Prosecutor’s office for the purpose of ensuring follow-up in accordance with administrative, law violations, site security and student safety guidelines.
  • Responds to inquiries from a variety of sources regarding campus security issues for the purpose of providing information, direction and/or referral for addressing inquiry.
  • Responds to a variety of situations (e.g. accidents, injuries, vandalism, suspicious activities, alarms, law violations, etc.) for the purpose of taking the appropriate action to resolve immediate safety and/or security concerns.

Other Functions

  • Performs other related duties, as assigned, for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.