School District Chief of Police

Mount Vernon, TX
Mount Vernon Independent School District

Open until filled

Position Summary:

Establish and administer security regulations and procedures to protect students, staff, and property. Supervise and oversee an adequately staffed, trained, and equipped force of certified police officers. Ensure enforcement of all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances and coordinate with outside law enforcement agencies.

Essential Functions:

  1. Direct the daily operations of the district police department to ensure effective law enforcement.
  2. Coordinate enforcement activities with outside law enforcement agencies, other department directors, and campus principals and work cooperatively to develop and implement preventative security programs, gang management plans, and other safety programs.
  3. Investigate and make recommendations on all complaints and accusations made against district police officers or staff.
  4. Ensure enforcement of all laws and ordinances within the scope of board policy and the jurisdiction of the district.
  5. Oversee investigation of criminal activities within the district’s jurisdiction and support other agencies conducting investigations.
  6. Serve as district liaison to state and local law enforcement agencies and juvenile authorities and represent the district on assigned committees and task forces.
  7. Develop department safety procedures including procedures for safe handling and use of firearms.
  8. Follow district safety protocols and emergency procedures.
  9. Select, train, supervise, and evaluate staff and make sound recommendations relative to assignment, retention, discipline, and dismissal.
  10. Evaluate job performance of employees to ensure effectiveness.
  11. Prepare, review, and revise police department job descriptions.
  12. Maintain property room for storage of weapons and contraband confiscated on district property.
  13. Compile and administer department budget based on documented needs and ensure operations are cost-effective and funds are managed wisely.
  14. Compile, maintain, and file all physical and computerized reports, records, and other documents required, including affidavits for arrest, incident reports, and activity reports.


  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Texas Peace Officer license issued by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).
  • Successful completion of training required by Texas Education Code (TEC) §96.641 and Texas Occupation Code §1701.2633.
  • Clear and valid Texas driver’s license.

Preferred Requirements:

  • 3 years experience as a fully commissioned police officer.
  • 2 years of law enforcement experience in supervisory or command capacity preferred.