Public Safety Officer (Non Certified)

Orangeburg, SC
Orangeburg Police Department

Salary: $47,050.

Essential Functions:

  • Performs duties of police officer;
  • Patrols assigned area to prevent crime and detect violations of law;
  • Respond to complaints, reports of violations and requests for assistance;
  • Apprehends and arrests violators;
  • Enforce traffic laws and issues warnings or citations to violators;
  • Investigates traffic accidents, directs traffic;
  • Performs crowd control and maintains order during emergencies;
  • Prepares written reports of all incidents and occurrences;
  • Testifies in court and other legal proceedings;
  • Keeps records and makes reports regarding activities;
  • Participates in criminal investigations and evidence collection;
  • Interviews victims and witnesses;
  • Prepare incident reports;
  • Attends training and continuing education sessions to maintain certifications;
  • Present public education and awareness programs regarding crime and fire prevention;
  • Perform various station duties and maintenance as required;
  • Assist with annual certification testing of equipment; and
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.


  • Must be 21 years of age or old;
  • Possess a valid South Carolina driver’s license;
  • Possess a High School Diploma or GED Certificate;
  • Ability to meet the requirements of the SC Criminal Justice Academy;
  • Must provide a recent Credit Report;
  • Must pass a criminal background and driver’s license record check;
  • Must be able to successfully complete medical examination and drug screening;
  • Must be able to successfully complete psychological and polygraph examinations;
  • Must be able to successfully complete physical and written assessments; and
  • Possess Good Moral Character.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Currently certified as a South Carolina Class 1 Law Enforcement Officer.