Public Safety Dispatcher

Duxbury, MA
Duxbury Police Department

Salary: $26.76 – $32.64 per hour.

Position Summary:

Dispatchers receive routine and emergency telephone calls and deploy appropriate response units for the Towns of Duxbury, Halifax, Hanover, Hanson, Plympton and Rochester, and serve as the communication point for several county and statewide specialized response teams. Dispatchers must be able to rapidly and accurately take notes, organize and record log entries, and fill out report forms. Must notify employees and agencies/entities as appropriate to the call and per departmental policy.

Essential Functions:

1. Operates Police, Fire, and County radio transmitter/receivers.

2. Maintains computerized logs of calls for service, walk in complaints, reports and any public safety services rendered.

3. Must become and remain certified with the State CJIS system, in house computer systems, including entering of missing persons and vehicles, stolen property, driver and vehicle queries, warrant management system, and all aspects of the online Criminal Justice Information systems such as but not limited to OpenFox and Web 3.0.

4. Must become and remain certified with the State 911 Department and successfully pass all necessary in-service training.

5. Must be able to monitor multiple radio frequencies and communications with public safety personnel.

6. Maintains in-house records and filing systems within the guidelines of the Department, performs clerical duties as required to assist public safety personnel with the completion of their reports and correspondence.

7. Must be capable of prioritizing incoming calls and dispatch accordingly.

8. Must notify other agencies (police, ambulance, fire, tow companies, medical examiners, etc.) based on call information, and work effectively with these agencies in emergency situations according to department policy.

9. Must maintain a constant state of alertness as to the status of all cruisers and fire apparatus on duty.

10. Must be capable, after training, of giving competent pre-arrival instructions up to and including CPR instructions, in the event of emergency situations such as fatal car accidents, hazardous material incidents, homicides, civil disturbances, domestic material incidents, homicides, civil disturbances, domestic violence situations, natural disasters, structure fires, etc. Failure to maintain certification as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher will result in loss of position.

11. Acquires a thorough knowledge of the location and layout of the streets, buildings, parks, housing complexes, and other significant areas of the communities served and neighboring jurisdictions to maximize accuracy and speed of dispatches.

12.Must respond to all complaints in a calm and civil matter. Customer Service is paramount to the success of a Public Safety Dispatcher. Our customers include our police and fire partners as well as the general public.

13. Keeps personnel who have been dispatched on calls fully informed of all facts affecting the safety and efficiency of their response to the call.

14. Maintains equipment, especially the emergency call line, and reports immediately any malfunction to the Supervisory staff.

15. Shall use plain English language when dispatching calls.

16. Must be able to conduct conversation via radio and telephone in clear concise terms, familiar with law enforcement, as well as fire department response terminology, in a clear and professional manner and in compliance with FCC regulations.

17. Presents a neat, clean, business-like appearance and be willing to comply with Department uniform standards and policies.

18. Must comply with the Department Manual, including all Department Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures, General Orders, Training Bulletins, Memos, Directives and Supervisor Orders.

19. Performs any other duty and assignment as may be assigned by the Director, or other designees as it relates to Public Safety Dispatch position.

20. Designated Training Officers perform training duties for newly hired staff, and continuing education for all Public Safety Dispatchers and conduct Quality Assurance measures as directed. Loss of 911, EMD, CJIS certification will result in loss of job.


  • Dispatchers must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A high school graduate, and must pass a simulated performance examination (online), background examination, and criminal history check, medical examination, and drug testing.
  • Must have the ability to answer phones and operate several radio systems in a professional manner, to think clearly in a crisis situation and to act independently and with good judgment.
  • Must also be willing and able to handle shift work including overnight hours, weekends, and occasional mandated overtime.
  • Dispatchers must have or obtain NextGen 911 certification, EMD certification, CJIS certification, and APCO PST1 or equivalent.