Public Safety Dispatcher

Ridgeland, MS
Ridgeland Police Department

Salary: $32,760.00 – $43,811.04 Annually.

Position Summary:

This is specialized work in receiving 911 emergency, as well as non-emergency and administrative calls, and dispatching information in a communications center. Although the work is performed within established policies and procedures, the job requires the ability to make good, sound decisions and remain calm in emergency situations. The incumbent must be knowledgeable of police and fire operations and of the geographical layout of Ridgeland, MS. Supervision and assignments are received from a superior both orally and in writing. Work is reviewed by superiors through observation, monitoring of operations, and the review of records and reports.

Essential Functions:

  • Operate telephone, radio, and other communication equipment.
  • Receive emergency calls and complaints, which must be properly processed by obtaining all pertinent information for handling emergencies and ensuring officer and public safety.
  • Dispatch appropriate personnel and equipment to scenes of police, fire, medical incidents, accidents, natural disasters, rescue operations and other emergencies, and assign back-up units as needed.
  • Receive routine calls and provide information as requested.
  • Maintain radio contact with all police and fire units away from station; maintain status and current information on all units in and out of service.
  • Monitor all alarms and dispatch units as needed.
  • Maintain records of all emergency and other dispatches.
  • Periodically make routine announcements and relay messages via radio.
  • Operate accessory equipment which includes NCIC, typewriter, computer keyboard, TDD, and facsimile.
  • Maintain an inventory of supplies at communication desk and request additional supplies when necessary.
  • Act as after-hours dispatcher for the Public Works Department.


  • Graduate from an accredited high school or GED and;
  • Six (6) months related experience and/or training in related field.
  • A valid Mississippi driver’s license.
  • Dispatch Certification MJIC and NCIC desired, but not required.