Public Safety Communications Specialist/Dispatcher

Rochester, NH
Rochester Police Department

Position Summary:

Incumbent reports to a shift supervisor, receiving instructions daily. Plans and carries out regular work in accordance with standard practices and previous training, exercising substantial independence, considerable judgment and tact in answering inquiries and determining correct course of action.

Essential Functions:

  • Receive, interpret, prioritize and process all calls for service.
  • Operate and maintain on-line communications equipment, including multi-channel base radio, multi-line telephone console, multi-channel voice recording system, and nationwide telecommunications computer network, such as S.P.O.T.’s terminal and N.C.I.C.
  • Perform data entry and information retrieval for on duty units, multiple alarm panels, in-house Police and fire Information Management System (IMC), street files, fire hydrants, arrest and warrant files, call back rosters, calls for service and others as developed.
  • Notify shift supervisor of all matters of importance or unusual occurrence requiring his/her attention.
  • Constantly monitor location and status of on-duty and on-call units.
  • Monitor station security through electronic entrance computer monitoring entry system, may be required to monitor prisoners in the holding cell through use of closed circuit television monitors in the absence of booking officer.
  • Monitor video cameras for police and fire, maintain recording equipment, and monitor Crimeline, Public Works, Public Buildings and Animal Control Officer lines after hours.
  • Ensure all communications equipment is in working order and report equipment failures immediately to supervisor.
  • Attend required training.
  • Train new employees as required.
  • Perform other duties as required.


  • An incumbent for a position in this class should be a high school graduate or equivalent with no prior experience. Able to attain and maintain certification for NCIC Computer S.P.O.T.s.