Probationary Police Officer

Plainfield, IN
Plainfield Police Department

The Uniform Patrol Officer is responsible for serving as the Department’s first contact with the public in most incidents, as a responder to requests for services. Direct supervision is received from the Uniform Corporal, Sergeant, or Lieutenant. General supervision is received from the Deputy Chiefs and Chief of Police.

The Plainfield Metropolitan Police Department has full-time openings for lateral transfers.

Salary: $1,744.00 – $2,088.00 Biweekly
$45,344.00 – $54,288.00 Annually


1. Personal Appearance - Uniform and equipment have a professional appearance including personal hygiene and grooming.
2. Preparation For Duty - Before shift check prior shift activity reports, their departmental mailbox, and restock any forms for paper work needed. Passes on vital information to others during roll-call sessions held prior to each shift.
3. Knowledge of all departmental forms used in the course of day-to-day activity and incidental to arrest.
4. Personal Conduct - Display conduct on and off duty that holds a positive and professional image within the department and the community. Abide by the Police Officer Code of Ethics and Cannon of Ethics.
5. Respond to scenes of crimes and accidents, providing assistance and security as well as preservation of the crime scene. Complete preliminary investigations and process scenes for evidence. Gather information and provide written reports that are easy to read, concise, factual, neatly prepared and turned in on time.
6. Maintain a respect for superiors from FTO to all trainers and supervisors while keeping a good rapport with other officers. Obey lawful orders and be accountable for own actions.
7. Patrol all streets in the city limits for the purpose of traffic enforcement, detecting and deterring crime, while responding to calls for service at anytime on patrol.
8. Maintain efficient operation of departmental vehicles, communication systems, and other assigned equipment; such as personal equipment/apparel, body armor, mobile data equipment, cameras, and radar.
9. Enforce all City, State, and Federal ordinances and laws.


Applicants must be law enforcement certified and meet all INPRS guidelines for a lateral transfer. Salary will be based on experience. Applicants must complete all of the Plainfield Metropolitan Police Department recruitment phases successfully and be sworn in as prescribed in the General Operations Manual 1.1.1.

The following items must be on file on or before the background stage of the hiring process:
1. Birth Certificate
2. Transcript(s) of High School grades
3. Transcript(s) of College grades, if applicable
4. Certificates pertaining to other schools or classes you may have taken
5. DD214, if you served in the Armed Forces
6. Two Letters of Recommendation
7. Valid Driver's License