Pre-Certified Police Officer (Lateral)

Fox Lake, IL
Fox Lake Police Department

Open Until Filled

Position Summary:

The Police Officer position shall have all the powers and duties as a sworn member of the department. Police Officers perform the general duty of law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of lives, property and rights of citizens within the Village. Work involves the responsibility for the prevention of crime, apprehension of criminals and enforcement of Federal, State, County and local laws and ordinances. A Police Officer may be assigned to uniformed patrol, crime prevention, investigations, school resource duty, traffic enforcement or other specialized department activity. Police Officers must exercise independent judgement in meeting both routine and complex emergency situations and act without direct supervision. A significant portion of time involves public contact where discretion and tact is to be conscientiously exercised. Assignments and instructions are received in general terms from a superior officer who reviews and evaluates work methods through reports, observations and discussions.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols streets, parks, residential and commercial property in the Village with a vehicle or on foot to observe, prevent or terminate unlawful acts; maintains radio contact with dispatch; responds to radio dispatches from a central communications center; reports crimes or unusual situations; responds to calls or initiates action; calls for assistance as needed; backs up other officers or units in confrontation or arrest activities as required.
  • Performs traffic law enforcement and regulations, including directing traffic and investigation of reported or observed violations of the law; responds to calls involving vehicular accidents and other serious accidents; assists in investigating traffic accidents, including protecting the scene, aiding the injured, controlling traffic, clearing the scene and preparing reports and diagrams; promotes traffic safety.
  • Conducts arrests of persons violating the law, including physically detaining persons according to established department guidelines and procedures.
  • Responds to emergency situations; secures scene to protect victims and property; assess situations and determines the most appropriate response in order to prevent potentially dangerous or violent situations from occurring or continuing; gives first aid and calls for medical assistance; assists fire department and other emergency medical units on fire and medical calls.
  • Responds to calls for service; investigates complaints, takes appropriate action, assists complainants, obtains statements and identifies witnesses, ensures crime scene protection and processing, as necessary; responds to citizen needs and requests, at times, under emergency conditions, e.g., accidents, rescue efforts, search for missing person(s), alarms and in-progress criminal activity; assists stranded motorists; generally assists persons in distress.
  • Performs community oriented policing initiatives and assists citizens with such matters as locked or stalled vehicles, crime prevention, drug abuse resistance education, traffic safety, etc.
  • Enforces parking restrictions; prevents the blockage of sidewalks, streets and other public accesses.
  • Becomes and remains familiar with patrol beats, geographic locations, known offenders, neighborhood routines and potential problem areas.
  • Serves subpoenas, arrest warrants, summons and various court orders to criminal suspects, witnesses, complainants and defendants; makes both felony and misdemeanor on-view arrests.
  • Appears and testifies in court, at coroner’s inquests, at deposition sessions and similar proceedings to present evidence and to give personal account of incident/crime.
  • Maintains records of activity; prepares all necessary reports in a clear, concise and accurate manner; submits reports for supervisor’s review.
  • Attends seminars and training classes to improve job skills, keep current on laws, learn new law enforcement techniques and qualify for specialized duties; participates in required department training.
  • Complies with all safety procedures and policies of the Village, as well as other rules, procedures, and directives established by the Police Department.
  • Maintains departmental equipment, supplies and facilities.
  • Performs duties and assumes responsibilities that are outside the scope of their normal position description when a Village Disaster has been declared, and/or the Village Emergency Operations Plan has been initiated, and/or when the State of Illinois Office of Homeland Security has declared a Code Red Terrorist Attack Condition.
  • Performs other support related duties as requested by commanding officers, such as processing evidence, foreign language translation, administering breathalyzer test, repair of equipment, or assisting outside law enforcement agencies in the performance of their duties within city’s jurisdictions and according to mutual aid agreements.


  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Be a United States Citizen or authorized to work in the United States.
  • An Illinois Certified Police Officer in Good Standing (Part-time certification as a law enforcement officer does not meet this requirement.
  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Have a Valid Driver’s license and FOID Card.
  • Must agree to comply with all requirements of the position and have the ability to pass all examinations and training requirements, including but not limited to an extensive background investigation, polygraph, psychological, medical examinations, vision testing, and drug testing.
  • Must be able to fully disclose all personnel matters including any employment or separation agreements and sealed files.
  • Be free of the use of illegal drugs to include cannabis and cannabis derivatives.
  • Be of good moral character and not have been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.
  • Be able to perform all the duties and tasks assigned to a Fox Lake Police Officer.
  • Be able to successfully complete an 18 Month Probation Period.