Police Trainee

Ridgecrest, CA
Ridgecrest Police Department

Salary:   $4175 per month, plus benefits and incentives.

The Ridgecrest Police Department provides a wide range of professional law enforcement functions to the community.  Assignments may include; criminal investigation, community relations, uniformed patrol, traffic enforcement, narcotic investigations, K-9 Unit, or any other duties expected of an experienced police officer.

Minimum Requirements:

Age:                   Must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

Education:         Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent.

Fitness:              Vision must be correctable to 20/30

Experience:      Completion of P.O.S.T. approved basic academy and/or been employed by a California Law Enforcement Agency within one (1) year of application date to qualify for a “pre-service” position.

Certification:    If applicable, a copy of the applicant’s P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate must accompany the application.  A California Driver’s  License must be obtained prior to appointment.