Police Services Officer II

Towson, MD
Baltimore County Police Department

Salary: $41,048.00 – $47,391.00 Annually.

Essential Functions:

  • Provides documentation to the state’s attorney and the courts which identify defendants as repeat offenders.
  • Conducts criminal background investigations on persons arrested for violent crimes.
  • Researches, checks and verifies criminal and court records.
  • Testifies in court regarding the authenticity of records.
  • Responds to requests from other law enforcement agencies for information on persons attempting to purchase firearms.
  • Investigates economic crimes such as counterfeit checks, forgeries, and credit card fraud.
  • Exchanges information with local, State, and Federal law enforcement officials.
  • Writes search and arrest warrants.
  • Assists in the regulation of pawn shops and precious metal dealers.
  • Contacts dealers to correct errors in their reporting sheets.
  • Compares offense reports with pawn shop transaction records in an effort to locate stolen property.
  • Coordinates the recovery of stolen property which has been pawned.
  • Monitors pawn activities of suspects.
  • Serves as a liaison between the assistant state’s attorney in district court and the precinct police officers.
  • Gathers, assembles, and provides documents required for court.
  • Confers with the state’s attorney to determine when to call officers to court.
  • Checks for open warrants on defendants.
  • Verifies with other law enforcement agencies that the warrants are current.
  • Performs commercial vehicle safety inspections.
  • Checks vehicles in the field for conformance with established safety regulations.
  • Verifies that the licenses are current and proper for the driver and vehicle.
  • Inspects commercial vehicles which have been involved in serious traffic accidents.
  • Prepares vehicle inspection reports.
  • Investigates reports of abandoned vehicles.
  • Locates abandoned vehicles on County-owned and private property.
  • Accesses various computer networks to determine the status of the vehicles’ tags and registration.
  • Contacts complainants and vehicle owners.
  • Makes arrangements to have vehicles removed.
  • Performs follow-up inspections.
  • Prepares reports of abandoned vehicle activities.
  • Assists in the enforcement of automated traffic enforcement programs.
  • Monitors equipment, related computer applications, and vendor web-based services.
  • Directly reviews and analyzes related computer generated printouts, photographs, and statistical data.
  • Issues computer-generated civil citations for violations detected by automated enforcement equipment.
  • Conducts timely inspections of actual or potential enforcement sites and equipment.
  • Testifies in court regarding the authenticity of documents related to automated enforcement violations.
  • Investigates and provides verbal and written responses to citizen and agency inquiries related to specific violations.
  • Responds to inquiries regarding the programs.
  • Serves as liaison with vendors providing services and equipment necessary for the implementation and operation of the program.
  • May deploy and operate mobile automated enforcement units.


  • Possession of a high school diploma or an appropriate equivalent.
  • Three years’ experience in police services, paralegal, public safety, or closely related work.
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of appointment.
  • All applicants must be of good moral character and emotionally stable, as determined by a comprehensive background investigation and drug test.
  • All applicants must be citizens of the United States at the time of appointment.
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license equivalent to a non-commercial, class C Maryland driver’s license may be required for some positions at time of appointment.
  • Applicants are required to submit proof of license(s), certification(s) and education beyond high school to meet the required and preferred qualifications of the position. Diplomas or transcripts must show the applicant’s major field of study. Copies and unofficial transcripts are acceptable.