Police Sergeant

Hanover, NH
Hanover Police Department

Salary: $66,539.20 – $100,921.60 Annually.

Position Summary:
The Police Sergeant embodies, exemplifies, and demonstrates the core values of the Hanover Police Department: Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Excellence and Positivity. Assigned to the Patrol, Detective, and/or Parking Divisions, this position provides first level of supervision of corporals, officers, and civilian employees and performs all of the duties of a police officer. The Sergeant must be thoroughly familiar with the duties of all employees under his or her supervision in order to provide them appropriate guidance, training and assistance in carrying out their job duties. As a front line supervisor, the Sergeant manages the conduct, appearance, discipline, and overall job performance of assigned subordinates. This includes but is not limited to ensuring that employees comply with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures in performing their duties. The Sergeant promptly addresses any infractions that occur and reports all violations to his or her superiors.
Essential Functions:

  • Ensures services are provided to the public in a manner that supports the core values of the Hanover Police Department (Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Excellence and Positivity), the philosophies of community policing and effective customer service.
  • Directs, schedules, organizes, supervises, mentors and evaluates the activities of assigned officers and/or civilian employees (supervisees) in the Patrol, Detectives, or Parking Divisions, under the general supervision of superior officers.
  • Reviews reports, records, complaints and other pertinent documents prepared by supervisees to ensure accuracy and thoroughness and that these are submitted and maintained in accordance with department policies and legal requirements. Drafts and prepares these materials with advanced proficiency.
  • Plans and oversees shift operations in consultation with superiors as appropriate. Maintains contact with supervisees throughout shift, providing guidance and field assistance as needed to ensure proper execution of job duties. Assigns, oversees, and ensures completion of supervisees’ activities, including special assignments and projects.
  • Inspects supervisees before each shift for proper personal appearance and equipment in accordance with department and division-specific procedures and protocols.
  • Conducts shift briefings at the start of each shift in accordance with department and division-specific procedures and protocols.
  • Ensures that supervisees are properly instructed and guided in the performance of their duties, taking special care to see that they are informed and trained in current and any changes in policies, procedures and legal developments that affect their job duties.
  • Assesses the professional development needs of supervisees as divisional goals evolve and new technologies emerge. Recommends appropriate professional development courses and similar opportunities to superiors for approval.
  • Conducts performance evaluations of supervisees for review by superiors. Counsels supervisees on job performance and makes disciplinary recommendations to supervisor when appropriate.
  • Recommends supervisees for recognition or commendation.
  • Participates in divisional hiring processes.
  • Fosters a constructive, team-oriented attitude among employees that helps create a positive work environment.
  • Supports, follows, and implements policies established by the Chief of Police and the Town of Hanover.
  • Maintains thorough knowledge of all applicable laws, rules, policies, procedures and protocols to ensure compliance by supervisees. Addresses violations and applies appropriate corrective measures in consultation with superiors.
  • Identifies police-related neighborhood and community problems. Develops problem-solving measures in consultation with superiors. Implements these measures by utilizing and guiding supervisees.
  • Reports any serious or unusual occurrences to superiors.
  • Regularly inspects and arranges proper maintenance of equipment used by employees under his/her supervision. Coordinates with supervisor regarding the appearance, condition and maintenance of department facilities, work areas, vehicles, communications equipment, and any other types of equipment.
  • Ensures that supervisees follow applicable confidentiality laws, rules and policies for all cases and administrative matters.
  • Reviews and approves supervisees’ payroll timesheets/time records. Ensures accurate recording of all hours worked.
  • May be authorized to issue uniforms and equipment to department personnel.
  • Performs all the major duties of a police officer as needed and/or assigned, including but not limited to responding to major, routine and emergency calls for service.
  • Takes command of emergency situations upon arrival and until relieved by a superior officer.
  • Supervises and provides day to day guidance to detective(s) in investigative and related matters.
  • Performs all major job duties of a detective as needed or assigned.
  • Coordinates child abuse and related sexual assaults through DCYF.
  • May be assigned to perform duties of department prosecutor in his or her absence.


  • Sworn police officer with at least three (3) years continuous police service in this or another police department.
  • Associate’s Degree or equivalent combination of education, training and experience sufficient to excel at all facets of the position.
  • Writing skills sufficiently advanced to review, edit and approve subordinates’ reports and other written materials for content, clarity, completeness and accuracy.
  • Sworn police officer with at least three (3) years continuous police service in this or another police department.
  • Ability to meet current requirements set forth by the Police Standards and Training Council for the State of New Hampshire.
  • Possession of or ability to readily obtain a driver’s license valid in the State of New Hampshire for the type of vehicle or equipment operated.
  • Successful completion of Supervisory Leadership Training within one (1) year of appointment.
  • The principles and practices of police administration.
  • Management and supervisory practices and procedures.
  • Law enforcement practices and procedures.
  • Parking operations practices, procedures and administration.
  • Federal and state laws, rules and regulations, local ordinances, and town and department policies, procedures, protocols.
  • Judicial proceedings and decisions.
  • Town geography and boundaries.
  • CPR, AED and first aid procedures.
  • Supervision of officers and civilian employees
  • Interview and interrogation techniques.
  • Operating standard and specialized equipment, including firearms, communications equipment, digital camera and video camera, computers, recorders, intoximeters, RADAR, and processing kits.
  • Operating police vehicles and emergency equipment.
  • Operating parking-related equipment and software.
  • Planning, organizing, and decision making.
  • Oral and written communication.
  • Community relations and customer service.