Police Recruit / Officer

Bedford, TX
Bedford Police Department

$60,572.00 – $83,467.00 Annually


Patrols assigned area, in a police vehicle. Enforces traffic regulations, responds to requests for service, performs preliminary investigations to prevent/deter crime and arrest violators. Duties and responsibilities include the following.


  1. Maintains a presence in their assigned patrol area and familiarizes themselves with persons frequenting, working, or living in the area.
  2. Conducts preliminary and field investigations. Interviews and/or interrogates victims, witnesses and suspects. Documents complaints and investigations as required by policy and procedure.
  3. Responds to calls for police assistance by operating a police vehicle in routine and emergency situations while being able to talk and operate the police radio and emergency equipment.
  4. Directs and reroutes traffic around fire or other disruptions by using recognizable arm movements and related equipment.
  5. Serves warrants and/or makes arrests under normal and/or under elevated risk situations.
  6. Operates police communication equipment in order to communicate via radio and/or by typing information on computer/mobile data terminal.
  7. Collects, retrieves, logs, and stores property and evidence utilizing accepted methods and equipment.
  8. Administers first aid, and assists paramedic/medical personnel as needed. May be required to lift and/or carry injured persons.
  9. Issues written citations for traffic and other violations. Testifies in court and describes or illustrates conditions, situations, and occurrences before juries, defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges.
  10. Operates firearms and other impact and/or less-lethal weapons in a safe and accurate manner under stressful and potentially life threatening situations.


High School Diploma or general education diploma (GED) certification and a minimum of 30 hours of college credit from one of the seven accrediting entities recognized by TCOLE. (30 hrs. of college course work waived with two-year Police Officer or active duty military experience).

Must successfully complete the Department’s in-service and Field Training Program.

Lateral Transfer Minimum Requirements for Police Officer

  • Candidates must have a minimum of two years paid full-time experience as a certified Peace Officer.
  • Must have had no more than a three-year break in service from the time they left a comparable law enforcement agency and the time they make application with the Bedford Police Department.
  • Out of state applicants must challenge and pass the TCOLE state exam before a final job offer is made by the Bedford Police Department.
  • Must have been in a position where they had the authority to enforce laws, investigate crimes, make arrests, respond to calls for service, carry a firearm, and use discretion as part of their assigned duties.