Police Recruit

Pensacola, FL
Pensacola Police Department

Nature of Work:
This is the entry-level position for those who are interested in a career in law enforcement. An employee in this class will be assigned to the Police Department.

An employee in this class is responsible for a variety of tasks related to law enforcement. Work is performed in accordance with the departmental rules and regulations and recruits may be required to work shifts. Work assignments are received from a superior officer who evaluates performance through the review of work methods, procedures, and results.

An employee appointed as a Police Recruit shall remain on probation for the entire time the employee is in that classification. A recruit may be separated from employment at any time without appeal rights. This classification is established as an apprenticeship program.

Pay: $19.76 hourly

Example of Work:

  • Patrols a designated area of the city to aid in the preservation of law and order, to prevent and discover the commission of crimes through observation and reporting, to direct traffic at street intersections, and to enforce parking regulations.
  • Answers calls and complaints involving road obstructions, fire (traffic control), and other non-criminal incidents.
  • Conducts non-criminal investigations, interviews witnesses, and may testify in court.
  • Provides escort service for parades, oversize loads; provides information and direction to the public.
  • Provides clerical assistance, as needed, within the Police Department.
  • Writes traffic citations for parking violations.
  • Relieves sworn officers of non-police duties within the department.
  • Attends regular training classes in law enforcement methods and related subjects
  • Aids crime scene investigators with the processing of evidence and completing errands for crime scene services.
  • Aids property management with the inventory and handling of police supplies.
  • Assist with report writing for non-criminal offenses.

Minimum Preparation for Work:

  • Graduation From high school or a GED that meets Florida Standards.
  • Ability to meet approved age, mental, moral, physical, medical, and legal requirement for this position.
  • Minimum Age 20 years 6 months.

Necessary Special Requirements:

  • Possession of an appropriate driver license for equipment operated and any license, training or certification required by law or regulation to complete assigned tasks.
  • Applicants must be tobacco free at time of employment and must remain tobacco-free for the duration of employment or be terminated.
  • Applicants must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Applicant must enroll in a Law Enforcement Academy as determined by the Chief of Police or his designee or already hold a law enforcement certification from a state other than Florida.