Police Recruit

Louisvile, KY
Louisville Metro Government

Minimum Starting Salary During Training: $44,075.20
Minimum Starting Salary After Sworn In: $52,561.60 base pay plus $4300 KLEPF pay annually (Base pay varies depending on previous experience as a full-time sworn officer.)


  • Participates in the academic and physical recruit training program of the Louisville Metro Police Academy
  • Participates in a battery of exams to determine suitability for the position of Police Officer

Examples of Duties


  • Attends classes in personnel procedures, police regulations, current laws, the criminal justice system, human behavior and a variety of other topics related to police work
  • Works in various operational bureaus to provide additional manpower and gain familiarity with the functions of the Louisville Metro Police Department
  • Participates in practical training of firearm usage, driving, self-defense, arrest procedures, use of police equipment and a variety of other procedures and activities related to police work
  • Takes tests to measure knowledge gained, evaluates performance and determines progress made
  • Performs related work

Minimum Requirements

High school diploma or the equivalent


  • Must be a US Citizen
  • Must be a minimum of 21 years of age