Police Officer Trainee

Livermore, CA
Livermore Police Department
Salary: $7,514.00-$9,126.92 Monthly

This is the entry level class in the sworn law enforcement series. Persons in this classification work within the framework of established law enforcement procedures and are expected to exercise independent judgment in dealing tactfully with the public in emotional situations and to react effectively in emergency situations.

Salary: $7,514.00 – $9,126.92 Monthly


Patrols an assigned area of the City by vehicle, foot, or as designated by the supervisor; maintains law and order; responds to emergencies as directed over the radio and telephone; conducts investigations of complaints and crime reports to determine if a crime has been committed; investigates traffic accidents; administers first aid and gives assistance to the injured; makes arrests; serves subpoenas and warrants; guards prisoners; questions suspects; notes and reports unsafe conditions; prepares evidence and appears in court; searches for stolen property and lost persons; provides directions and information to the public regarding laws, ordinances, traffic safety, and available public services and resources; issues citations of traffic violators; analyzes facts, clues, and evidence and makes investigations to determine the identity of law violators and to locate their whereabouts; maintains effective working relationships with other law enforcement agencies, employees, and the public; operates radio and other communication equipment; protects life, property, public order, and the constitutional rights of all citizens; and takes notes from verbal communication.


Demonstrated Knowledge of:
Basic English grammar, composition, spelling, punctuation, and report writing techniques; basic mathematics; effective communication and public speaking techniques; problem solving techniques; effective interpersonal relations; computer operating systems and software applications.

Demonstrated Skills to:
Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; read, understand, explain, implement, and enforce technical material consisting of laws, policies, regulations, guidelines and orders concerning the protection of life, property, and the maintenance of law, order, and the peace; observe and accurately recall names, faces, numbers, incidents and places; think and act quickly in emergencies; analyze situations and adopt effective courses of action; use good judgment in making decisions, often under pressure; understand and carry out written and oral directions; speak clearly and concisely; write at a fast rate of speed to prepare accurate and factual written reports; perform basic math computations; safely operate motor vehicles; establish cooperative relationships with co-workers, supervisors, public officials, employees of other agencies; be mentally alert to make observations; relate effectively to the general public; utilize computers and computer software, as required; adhere to the California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T) Code of Ethics.

Ability to:
Work as a member of a team or autonomously with minimal supervision; learn and apply City and departmental rules, regulations, policies, and orders; and work effectively with the public, co-workers, non-sworn personnel, supervisors, and other local, state and federal government and law enforcement agencies.

Experience, Education and Training Guidelines
Any combination of experience, education and training that would provide the best qualified candidates. A typical way to obtain the knowledge, skills and abilities would be:

Experience: Experience working in a police program or police department is desirable.

Education: Equivalent to graduation from high school. College courses related to law enforcement are desirable.

Training: Any recent training such as academic courses and certification programs which are relevant to this job classification.

License: Possession of a valid California Driver's license and a satisfactory driving record as determined by the City.

Age: Minimum 20 years old.

Other Requirements: Willingness and ability to work any shift; work holidays, weekends, scheduled and emergency overtime; be available on call, as required; work under potentially hazardous conditions taking all necessary safety precautions; learn and retain a great deal of factual material; attend training classes during work and non-work hours, as required; wear a uniform; comply with department's grooming standards; maintain high moral character and integrity; and demonstrate a high desire for self-improvement.

Special Requirements: Essential duties require the mental and/or physical ability to: lift, drag, and transport objects/individuals weighing up to 150 pounds; see well enough to drive vehicles, read small print, detect subtle shades of color with no color deficiencies and vision no less than 20/100 uncorrected in either eye and 20/30 corrected in either eye; hear well enough to detect unusual sounds, distinguish voices over background noise; speak and hear well enough to communicate over the telephone, radio, and in person at distances of up to 50 feet; voice volume and speech clarity to command during an emergency; use of hands and fingers to write, operate equipment, drive a vehicle, discharge various weapons, operate a personal computer keyboard; sit and/or stand for long periods of time; other physical requirements as in the P.O.S.T. Medical Screening Manual