Police Officer Trainee

Napa, CA
Napa Police Department

$63,801.15 – $77,068.95 Annually

10/2/2022 11:59 PM Pacific

Are you someone who wants to work with dedicated people to make a real difference in the community?
Have you been searching for a unique yet thoroughly rewarding career?
Are you someone with the desire to help others in emergency situations?
Do you excel at making good decisions under pressure?

Join our team and you will learn new skills through incredible training opportunities, spend your time helping others by making a positive impact on the community, and gain a sense of belonging that no other career can offer.

Ideal candidates for the Police Officer Trainee role will have a record of successfully demonstrating the following competencies:

  • Technical Professional/Knowledge and Skills – Achieved a satisfactory level of technical, functional, and/or professional skill or knowledge in position-related areas; kept up with current developments and trends in areas of expertise.
  • Building Trust – Interacted with others in a way that builds confidence in their intentions and those of the organization.
  • Interpersonal Communications – Clearly and succinctly conveying information and ideas to individuals and groups in a variety of situations; communicating in a focused and compelling way that drives others’ thoughts and actions.
  • Decision-Making – Identified and understood issues, problems, and opportunities; compared information from different sources to draw conclusions and develop appropriate solutions.
  • Resolving Conflict – Helped others deal effectively with an antagonistic situation to minimize damage to the relationships and promote shared goals; used appropriate interpersonal methods to reduce tension or conflict between two or more people and facilitate agreement.
  • Stress Tolerance – Maintained stable performance under pressure or opposition (e.g., experiencing time pressure, conflict, or job ambiguity); handled stress in a manner that is acceptable to others and to the organization.
  • Initiating Action – Taking prompt action to accomplish work goals; taking action to achieve results beyond what is required; being proactive.
  • Managing Work – Effectively handled one’s time and resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently.