Police Officer Trainee

Chesapeake, VA
Chesapeake Police Department

$45,213* (while attending the Chesapeake Law Enforcement Training Academy)
$50,326* Upon successful completion of the approximately 6 month Chesapeake Law Enforcement Training Academy:
$600 annual stipend ($25 per pay period) for possessing an Associate’s Degree,
$900 annual stipend ($37.50 per pay period) for possessing a Bachelor’s Degree
(*subject to change)

The purpose of the class is to protect life and property, enforce laws, and investigate crime. The class is responsible for surveillance, law enforcement, investigations, apprehension, and reporting. The class works according to set procedures under direct supervision. This job classification provides service to the community on a 24-hour basis during all hours of the day and night. In order to accommodate this 24 hour service, this job class is required to work on rotating schedules, which includes working weekends, holidays, and in excess of one’s regularly scheduled hours (overtime) when required by operational necessity.

· Conducts routine patrols in residential and business areas; maintains contact with businesses and residents to establish good relations.
· Responds to calls for police service and responds to crimes, domestic disputes, disturbances, disputes among neighbors, juveniles, or other incidents; apprehends law breakers as necessary; conducts follow-up investigations of crimes and other incidents, conducts surveillance of areas for suspected or potential criminal activity.
· Provides information and/or assistance to the public, informing citizens of services in the community, or providing referrals to other city, county, or state agencies.
· Maintains the peace and safety of the community by quelling public disturbances and maintaining order at group functions.
· Provides for the safe and convenient flow of traffic and pedestrians within the community, investigates traffic accidents, enforces traffic violations, promotes vehicular and pedestrian safety, reports unsafe road conditions, and conducts DUI or other investigations.
· Issues civil or legal documents such as traffic citations; prepares written reports, forms, and other documents as required; may testifies in civil and criminal court proceedings or give depositions.
· Attends training meetings, in-service training, and technical or professional classes, seminars, or conferences to improve technical or professional skills.
· Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications
VOCATIONAL/EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENT: Requires high school diploma or GED.

SPECIAL CERTIFICATIONS AND LICENSES: Requires a valid driver’s license and driving record in compliance with the City Driving Standards. Special skills or equipment certification will be required.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: This job classification provides service to the community on a 24-hour basis. In order to accommodate the 24-hour service, this job classification is required to work rotating schedules, which include working weekends and holidays, and may involve work in excess of regularly scheduled hours when required by operational necessity.

· Must be a United States Citizen.
· Must be at least 21 years of age upon graduation from the academy (may apply at 20+ years of age).