Police Officer Trainee

Portage, MI
Portage Police Department

Are you currently in a police academy or plan on attending one in the Winter of 2023? The City of Portage would like to invest in the future of deserving candidates and the Portage Police Department by sponsoring cadets in the police academy and providing career opportunities. The individuals sought are those who have taken initiative to gain higher education, have proven communication skills, demonstrated integrity, and have a passion for service and caring for the community.

The starting salary for the Police Officer Trainee position is $44,221.00 annually, paid on an hourly basis with benefits. Within five years, the annually salary for an Officer increases to $74,039.97. The cost of tuition, books, and required test fees will be provided upon the signing of a sponsorship cost agreement. Upon successful completion of the police academy and receiving the MCOLES certification, the position will be converted to the position of Police Officer. The starting salary for the Police Officer position is $52,125.15 annually, paid on an hourly basis.

In order to be considered for this opportunity the following requirements must be met:

1. Must be 21 years old at the time of graduation from the police academy
2. Must be a U.S. Citizen
3. Must possess/obtain a valid Michigan driver license with a good record
4. Must have possess an Associate’s degree or obtain an Associate’s degree as a result of graduating from the police academy
5. Must have no felony convictions, including expunged convictions