Police Officer Trainee

Lakeport, CA
Lakeport Police Department

Salary: $3,120 per month

Police Officer Trainees are those individuals who have not completed a Basic Police Academy. The City
of Lakeport will pay those individuals hired as Police Officer Trainees while they attend the Basic Police
Academy, as well as, pay the cost of the Academy. Upon graduation, they are sworn in and appointed to
Police Officer and are assigned to the Field Training Program.

Minimum qualifications:
a. Minimum education requirements: U.S. high school diploma, GED, or California High School Proficiency. College education is desired.
b. 21 years of age at time of graduation from the Police Academy
c. Valid driver license
d. A felony conviction as an adult is disqualifying
e. U.S. citizen or currently have a citizenship application in process
f. Meet standards for visual acuity, illegal drug use, and driving history