Police Officer Recruit

Clovis, NM
Clovis Police Department

Salary: $19.64 – $29.47 Hourly.

Position Summary:

This is a position specializing in one of five areas: Patrol, Traffic, Canine, Investigation, or Narcotics, with the overall responsibility of the protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws of the United States, the State of New Mexico, and the City of Clovis. The hours of these positions vary as to the specific assignment, but all are based on a forty-hour week. All positions are subject to callbacks and working weekends and holidays. Will serve an 18-month probationary period.

Essential Functions:

  • Advises and assists other police officers.
  • Performs any or all of the duties assigned to a Police Officer as necessary.
  • Attends briefings and group meetings to receive updates and assignments and discuss pending cases.
  • Investigates accidents and does follow up investigations on hit and run accidents and prepares case files on motor vehicle felonies.
  • Conduct criminal investigations and diagram crime scenes, or accident scenes, collects evidence and takes photographs.
  • Patrols an assigned area for the purpose of preventing and discovering crimes and enforcing all applicable laws and ordinances, including traffic and parking regulations.
  • Responds to calls for service as dispatched; provides necessary assistance to the general public, taking appropriate enforcement action when necessary.
  • Make arrests upon observation of law violations and transports prisoners to detention facility for booking.
  • Conducts preliminary investigations of crimes including administering first aid, locating and obtaining information from witnesses and victims, and preparing reports of findings and action taken.
  • Prepares reports on enforcement and other action taken for record keeping purposes and for use in courtroom presentation.
  • Operates enforcement-related equipment, including radar and breathalyzer in accordance with state standards and department policy.
  • Provides information, advice, and assistance to the general public.
  • Conducts follow-up investigations of crimes; interviews witnesses, interrogates suspects, takes statements and confessions.
  • Represents the city in court cases arising from investigations.
  • May be required to serve criminal process documents of the courts, including warrants, summonses, subpoenas and search warrants. Participates in training for proper use of special weapons, equipment and procedures.
  • Operates an assortment of authorized police vehicles, including pursuit vehicles and bicycles.
  • Works with the public in establishing neighborhood watch programs, conducting crime prevention seminars, and making community contacts to solve community oriented problems.
  • Teaches classes dealing with drug education and demand reduction for elementary school children.


  • Must be a United States Citizen.
  • Requires a High School Diploma, or equivalent.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application.
  • Must undergo a rigid background investigation including, but not limited to, mental, physical and emotional stability, including a polygraph exam.
  • Must successfully complete a written exam, physical agility test, oral interview and drug screen test prior to being hired.
  • Must have no previous convictions, guilty pleas or pleas of no contest to any felony charge or crimes involving domestic violence.
  • Must have or be able to obtain a valid New Mexico driver’s license and have a good driving record to meet insurance requirements.
  • Must successfully complete and maintain certification through the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy within one years after being hired.
  • Must meet physical requirements established by the department and State of New Mexico.
  • Must have eyesight correctable to 20/20 and must not be colorblind.
  • Weight must be in proportion to height.
  • A medical exam and a psychological exam must be completed after hiring.