Police Officer – Pre-Trained (Academy Graduated)

Buena Park, CA
Buena Park Police Department

Salary: $89,065.60 – $117,083.20 Annually.

Position Summary:
Under general supervision, patrols an assigned area, enforces public safety laws, codes, and regulations, maintains order, prevents, detects, and investigates crime, and carries out special assignments in the protection of life and property; and does related work as required.

Essential Functions:

  1. Enforces federal and state laws and regulations, and local ordinances related to public safety and law enforcement.
  2. Patrols an assigned area of the city, in a motor vehicle or on foot in order to detect and prevent crime and maintain law and order; may operate a motorcycle or bicycle as part of special assignment detail.
  3. Prepares citations, arrest reports, crime reports, daily observation reports, vehicular incident and pursuit forms, injury reports, collision reports, and impounded property reports.
  4. Responds to radio messages and citizen requests for protection of life, property, and public assistance; appears at crimes and scenes of disorder and determines proper course of action; investigates suspicious vehicles or persons; observes situations related to stolen cars, traffic violations, and proper flow of traffic.
  5. Gives verbal warnings and issues citations; inspects premises; assists in the investigation of crimes; conducts preliminary investigations of disturbances, burglaries, thefts, armed robberies, vehicle accidents, deaths, or other types of incidents involving possible violations of public safety laws and codes.
  6. Questions suspects, interviews victims and witnesses; books property and evidence; performs basic crime scene investigation; testifies in court regarding facts, circumstances, and violations; completes field and follow-up investigations.
  7. Takes written statements; examines conditions of accident scenes; clears scene of obstructions and damaged vehicles; notes and reports traffic hazards; provides first aid for injured persons or requests medical attention in accordance with departmental procedures.
  8. Reports abandoned or damaged vehicles; inspects establishments providing alcoholic beverages and entertainment, and other public gatherings and assures that proper licenses and permits are in effect.
  9. Intervenes in private or public disputes to protect the public and maintain order; monitors status of parolees and individuals on probation status, including court orders.
  10. Develops and maintains positive relations with citizens, business owners, and other members of the community.
  11. Participates in police briefings, exercises, training courses, and programs.
  12. Receives, searches, books, fingerprints, and takes custody of prisoners; guards and transports prisoners; provides meals and completes daily records.
  13. When assigned to Reserves details, tracks and coordinates the scheduling and training of Reserve Police Officers.
  14. When assigned to Traffic detail, enforces specialized Traffic and Motor Vehicle Codes and prepares traffic and collision reports and investigation records; sets up DUI monitoring; coordinates work with the Department of Motor Vehicles and Courts; attends meetings, prepares logs, and makes presentations.
  15. When assigned to Field Training Officer detail – organizes, coordinates, and provides officer training in the field related to proper law enforcement surveillance, handling of traffic stops, preparation of departmental reports, and related tasks; completes training records and employee progress reports at regular intervals.
  16. When assigned to K-9 detail, assists in searches of suspects and properties; trains animals and conducts exercises in proper pursuit and control methods; feeds and maintains animals in accordance with health and safety standards, and prepares related activity records.
  17. When assigned to Detective detail, conducts crime scene investigations and pursues cases involving the collection of additional evidence, identification and interviewing of victims and suspects, and prosecution of cases within the court system; conducts covert patrol; writes and executes search warrants; coordinates property and evidence collection with police support staff; testifies in cases.
  18. When assigned to SWAT detail, responds to emergency calls involving hostages, barricaded suspects, suicide threats, bomb threats, deadly use of force, high risk search and arrest warrant service, and related incidents involving public safety.
  19. When assigned to Gang detail, monitors and investigates associations of individuals who belong to known gangs; determines means of gaining access and information from informants related to actual or planned crimes; testifies in cases.
  20. When assigned to School Resource detail, visits public schools, prepares and makes educational presentations, maintains communications with school officials, works with District staff on attendance and truancy issues, and counsel’s students related to lawful conduct and community standards and expectations.
  21. Provides escorts or guard services for parades, various public activities, or meetings.


  • High School graduation or G.E.D. AND successful completion of a California P.O.S.T. certified Law Enforcement basic training academy is required. P.O.S.T. certificate of completion of a California Law Enforcement basic training academy must be current at the time of hire. Completion of up to 60-semester level units related to general education and police science is desirable.
  • A valid Class C California driver’s license, acceptable driving record, and evidence of insurance are required.
  • Successful completion of the police academy. For specialty assignments, completion of all required training and certification related to the special position assignment within one year of assignment.
  • Satisfactory completion of Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Peace Officer Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.) certification is required within three years of assignment to this classification.
  • Ability to work extended hours in order to meet shift needs, complete reports, attend meetings, or conduct police business.
  • Employees who become department employees on or after January 1, 1987, shall, as a condition of their continued employment, refrain from smoking tobacco or any other non-tobacco substance at any time on or off duty. Violation of this condition of employment shall be deemed good cause for dismissal.
  • Must be 21 years of age or older at the time of appointment.
  • No more than 20/100 uncorrected and 20/30 corrected and freedom from uncorrectable color blindness. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, peripheral vision, color vision, and the ability to adjust focus.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States OR permanent resident alien who is eligible for and has already applied for citizenship.
  • Applicants must undergo a psychological assessment by a qualified professional to determine their suitability for the position.
  • Applicants will be administered an integrity test and a polygraph examination.
  • Applicants will undergo a complete, comprehensive, P.O.S.T.-approved background Investigation.