Police Officer (Pre-Service)

Azusa, CA
Azusa Police Department

Salary range: $5,995.95 – $8,926.29 Monthly.

Position Summary:
Police Officer (Pre-Service) candidates are currently attending or have graduated from a California Police Officer Standards & Training (POST)-certified Police Academy. Upon appointment, they will be required to complete field service training and/or attend POST training to attain current POST certification. A Police Officer (Pre-Service) patrols the community to prevent crime and enforce laws, investigate complaints, apprehend criminals and suspects, protect lives and property, assume responsibilities and perform related duties as required.
Essential Functions:

  • Patrols, either in a vehicle or on foot, an assigned area during an assigned shift and looks for indicators of possible criminal activity or threats to life and property; answers calls for police services; enforces City, county, and state laws; makes field contacts and completes forms; may conduct both preliminary and follow-up investigations of disturbances, prowlers, burglaries, thefts, robberies, vehicle accidents, suspected homicides, and other criminal incidents.
  • As a Motor Officer, patrols the City on a motorcycle or in a radar-equipped patrol unit; responds to calls related to traffic incidents and any other emergencies; observes, monitors, and controls routine and unusual traffic conditions; assists and advises motorists and enforces traffic safety laws.
  • Makes arrests as necessary; serves warrants and subpoenas; interviews victims, complainants, and witnesses; interrogates suspects; gathers and preserves evidence; receives, searches, and books prisoners; fingerprints and transports prisoners; testifies and presents evidence in court.
  • Contacts and cooperates with other law enforcement agencies in matters relating to the investigation of crimes and the apprehension of offenders.
  • Writes reports and field notes; participates in staff development; attends briefings and training sessions; performs routine maintenance on assigned patrol vehicle, firearms, and other equipment.
  • Makes traffic stops and issues warnings, citations, or makes arrests as necessary; checks vehicles and observes vehicle occupants; investigates scenes of vehicle accidents, provides emergency medical care as necessary, directs traffic and arranges for clearing of roadway, interviews drivers and witnesses and prepares reports; directs traffic at fire, special events, and other emergency or congested situations.
  • Assists the public and answers questions; administers first aid and responds to calls for medical assistance; establishes and maintains good relationships with the general public.
  • Police Officer (Pre-Service).
  • Class Specification.
  • Coordinates and conducts complete and detailed investigations of crimes involving juveniles and adults, crimes against persons and property, and crimes involving vice, gaming and narcotics violations.
  • Participates in all normal enforcement activities including enforcing local and State laws, issuing citations, making arrests, administering first aid, and transporting prisoners.
  • Performs undercover and surveillance activities; interviews victims, complainants, witnesses and suspects; collects, preserves, and maintains evidence and property related to suspected crimes; serves warrants and subpoenas.
  • Prepares investigative reports and case information; provides testimony and evidence in court.
  • Answers questions from the public concerning local and State laws, procedures, and activities of the Department; develops and maintains good relationships with the public, including informants and contacts which may be helpful in criminal investigations.
  • As assigned, acts as training officer for new Police Officers; serves as field supervisor on individual calls requiring special attention; or conducts background investigations.
  • As assigned, makes presentations before a variety of public groups to promote crime prevention activities and to enhance public understanding of Police Department activities; serves as liaison to neighborhood watch groups and schools.


  • Enrollment in or graduation from a California POST-certified Police Academy. Ability to successfully complete any re-certification course from California POST-certified Police Academy.
  • Possession of a valid California Driver’s License and U.S. citizenship are required at the time of appointment.
  • Free of any felony convictions.
  • Legally authorized to work in the United States by federal law.
  • At least 20.5 years of age at time of application.
  • Fingerprinted for purposes of search of local, state, and national fingerprint files to disclose any criminal record.
  • Of good moral character, as determined by a thorough background investigation.
  • A high school graduate, pass the General Education Development test or other high school equivalency test approved by the California Department of Education, or have attained a two-year, four-year, or advanced degree from an accredited or approved institution.
  • Found to be free from any physical, emotional, or mental condition which might adversely affect the exercise of the powers of a peace officer.