Police Officer – Patrol

Fairhope, AL
Fairhope Police Department

Salary: $21.42 Hourly.

Closing Date: 9/30/2024.

Position Summary:

Under the supervision of the Shift Supervisor, the employee performs law enforcement activities on behalf of the City Police Department; performs patrol duties for assigned area; processes civil and criminal papers in accordance with established procedures; provides security for court proceedings; and for special events held throughout the City; and performs maintenance checks on equipment prior to each shift. The employee prepares, documents, and submits accurate reports. The employee ensures equipment and uniforms are maintained and serviceable at all times. Employee provides traffic control and issues citations as needed. Employee must exercise quick, independent, and sound judgment and display initiative in applying work methods to emergency situations which arise when superior officers are not immediately available. Work requires dedication to public service often made difficult by emotional or physical stress of events. Work is usually performed in accordance with well-defined procedures and reviewed through conferences, written reports, inspections, and observation of results obtained. This is an entry-level job in the law enforcement job classification. This job is considered safety-sensitive and is subject to a pre-employment background check and random drug screens.

Essential Functions:

  1. Reports to shift supervisor for assigned area and instructions.
  2. Patrols City businesses, schools, churches, private residences, and other special areas as directed by supervisor and conducts building searches of anything found open or disturbed.
  3. Makes notes during patrol of any situation that does not appear normal for the areas, time of day, weather conditions, volume of traffic, assemblage of persons, etc.
  4. Varies patrol route to prevent establishing a predictable pattern.
  5. Responds to and investigates any complaint received; prepares a written report for each investigation.
  6. Initiates investigation of complaints; informs supervisor and investigator of known facts, suspects, and situation.
  7. Provides backup support for other law enforcement officers, including those from other agencies as required.
  8. Issues Uniform Traffic Citations (UTCs) and electronic tickets for violations of traffic laws.
  9. Operates a variety of measuring devices to apprehend speeders.
  10. Responds to traffic accidents and conducts investigations for accidents on public and private property; interviews victims and witnesses.
  11. Establishes traffic control and police protection at incidents which may cause or attract crowds.
  12. Performs crowd and traffic control at parades, funeral processions, and sporting events.
  13. Reports defective streetlights, signs, road surfaces, or other facilities which service the public.
  14. Assists in conducting traffic surveys to determine problem areas.
  15. Assists in removing disabled vehicles and obstructions from roadways.
  16. Assists stranded motorists; keeps traffic moving smoothly and safely; watches for traffic violations; directs traffic as required; assists with or provides escorts for funeral processions; performs emergency relays such as blood transports as required.
  17. Assists in medical emergencies as needed by rendering first aid or assisting medical personnel.
  18. Operates two-way radio in accordance with approved procedures; maintains radio contact with dispatcher; provides point-to-point communication with multi-agency responses requiring separate frequency utilization, such as state troopers, county sheriff department, emergency management, ambulance services, etc.
  19. Notifies supervisor of unusual problems or complaints encountered.
  20. Enforces all laws of the State of Alabama and the City.
  21. Prepares written reports of offenses investigated, arrests, daily activities, unusual events, force used, buildings checked, field interviews, etc.
  22. Remains on watch for property, business, and dwelling fires; upon discovery, notifies the appropriate responding agencies and evacuates all persons from the structure or area; provides any assistance necessary to the responding agencies.
  23. Operates the department designated breath testing device when certified for obtaining scientific evidence in suspected driving under the influence (DUI) related cases; maintains DPH and court related documents and evidence information as required.
  24. Responds to reports of chemical accidents and exposure to hazardous materials; attempts to identify the material by placard, four-digit identification (ID) number or crate description; uses Haz-Mat Guide to initiate appropriate response; evacuates and secures area; contacts communications and supervisor.
  25. Maintains and investigates crime scenes, when necessary; may collect fingerprints, take photographs, make sketches, and collect other evidence.
  26. Accompanies DHR personnel to check on cases of possible abuse.
  27. Checks with area businesses to determine problem areas.
  28. Answers residential and business burglar alarms.
  29. Provides security for municipal court on a rotational basis.


  1. Possess a high school diploma or GED.
  2. Must be at least twenty (20) years of age and a U.S. citizen.
  3. Possess the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) certification.
  4. Possess a current and valid driver’s license; must be insurable.
  5. Possess firearm, NCIC, Draeger, Taser, First Aid and CPR certifications and ability to maintain certifications.
  6. Ability to wear appropriate uniforms and safety equipment.
  7. Ability to work nonstandard hours, rotating shifts, and emergency call-backs.
  8. Ability to travel as required.
  9. Ability to pass a pre-employment background check and an initial drug screen.