Police Officer or Senior Police Officer

Victoria, TX
Victoria Police Department

Salary: $50,970.00 – $68,500.00 Annually.

Essential Functions:

  1. Patrols the city and responds to citizen’s requests and complaints regarding possible criminal activity such as disturbances, burglaries, prowlers, suspicious persons, etc…
  2. Allocates patrol time to identify and solve business and residential problems by applying proven problem solving techniques.
  3. Issues warnings and citations to violators of city and state regulations and laws.
  4. Arrests suspects, guards and transports prisoners to other facilities.
  5. Investigates suspicious and criminal activity.
  6. Responds to emergency calls, traffic accidents and general requests for assistance.
  7. Secures crime scenes, interviews witnesses, victims, and suspects. Takes written and video statements and confessions.
  8. Collects and preserves evidence.
  9. Guards and transports mental patients to out of town facilities.
  10. Writes offense reports, arrest reports, incident reports, supplemental reports, and other police related documents, forms and memorandums.
  11. Informs the community of crime prevention, public safety and public awareness programs.
  12. Advises citizens concerning laws and ordinances.
  13. Appears in court and testifies.
  14. May be assigned to specialized programs such as Special Crimes, Investigations, Crime Prevention Unit etc.
  15. Regular attendance at work and arrives on time.
  16. Performs duties according to the City and departmental safety rules and policies.
  17. Performs all other job related duties as assigned or as become apparent.
  18. Ability to get along with other employees and the public.


  • Twenty-one (21) years or over (18 years with 60 academic semester hours, college credit or two years military service). High school diploma; OR, GED.
  • Certified as a TCOLE Peace Officer.
  • One to three (1-3) years experience as a Patrol Officer, or successful completion of the City of Victoria Police Department Field Training Program. Valid Texas driver’s license with driving record that meets City guidelines.
  • High school diploma or equivalent plus three years experience as a licensed police officer.
  • Certified as a TCOLE Peace Officer with 800 training hours recognized by TCOLE.
  • Valid Texas driver’s license with driving record that meets City guidelines.
  • As applicable, must be able to obtain TCOLE Instructor Certification.