Police Officer Lateral Transfer

Ashland, OH
Ashland Police Department

Position Summary:

The Police Division is an organization of approximately 40 employees, both sworn and civilian. Our mission is “to protect the peace, order and safety through service with integrity and accountability.” The Police Division is goal-oriented, and our performance is measured in a variety of ways, both individually and collectively. As a Police Officer, you will be expected to actively participate in achieving our goals. The Division offers a variety of opportunities to examine and utilize your strengths as a Police Officer.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols assigned area in order to protect residents of the City and their property; enforces state and local laws;
  • Responds to requests for and provides needed assistance, and if necessary, administers first aid;
  • Investigates suspicious conditions or individuals;
  • Searches individuals, vehicles, and other locations;
  • Checks various types of premises;
  • Warns offenders in lieu of arrest or citation;
  • Evacuates persons from dangerous situations;
  • Arrests and apprehends suspects or offenders (conducts frisk and pat down, applies handcuffs, seizes contraband, pursues on foot or in police cruiser, fires duty weapon, advises suspects of constitutional rights, etc.);
  • Conducts investigations of crime scenes and traffic accidents (secures scene, gathers and analyzes evidence, locates and interviews witnesses, searches premises, interrogates suspects, makes judgments regarding probable cause for warrantless search, transports property or evidence, diagrams crime or accident scene, etc.):
  • Enforces traffic and parking laws and ordinances (sets radar; controls, regulates, and directs traffic;
  • Checks vehicles for proper registration;
  • Issues citations;
  • Administers sobriety tests, etc.);
  • Assists stranded motorists;
  • Removes hazards from the highway;
  • Prepares and submits reports and other documentation (accidents, arrests, investigations, etc.);
  • Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance;
  • Maintains required licensure and certification.


  • Must meet all requirements to be a Police Officer outlined on page 8 in the Civil Service Rules 3.3(a).
  • Must be currently employed as a full time Police Officer (minimum of 35 hours per week) in a jurisdiction in the State of Ohio, with a minimum of a year of full time experience. (Jurisdiction is defined as any Ohio Municipal, State, County, or State University entity which utilizes a law enforcement agency).